Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a new opportunity for Manitoba based 3x3 basketball hosted tournaments to become part of a province-wide series of events that will culminate at the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships annually in June.

For your 3x3 basketball event to be eligible to be included as part of the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Series and receive a similar endorsement by Canada Basketball, you must adhere to the following standards...
  • Use the FIBA 3x3 Play platform to manage all aspects of your tournament from registration, schedule management and results. There is no cost to use this system for players or administrators.  All participants in your event must create a free account at
  • Conduct the Competition in accordance with the official FIBA 3x3 Rules of the Game at your event.  VIEW RULES VIDEO
  • Provide a safe environment for all persons (and their belongings) present at the venue of the Competition, in particular (without limitation) all players, officials, spectators and media representatives.  
  • Offer an open and public registration opportunity for teams to register (no closed events). 
  • Offer at least 3 different age divisions for both genders (6+ different age divisions in total). 
  • Not schedule your event at the same time as the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships (held typically the 3rd weekend in June in Winnipeg) or during other already registered 3x3 tournaments in the series.  Consult the Basketball Manitoba Calendar to avoid other basketball conflicts. 
  • Recognize Canada Basketball and Basketball Manitoba at your tournament including all websites, social media posts (mention @basketballmb), announcements (print and voice) and include the above Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championship Series logo and Canada Basketball 3x3 endorsed logo (VIEW LOGOS) and link them to  Other Basketball Manitoba logos can be found at  All logos and trademarks are to be used consistent with the Canada Basketball and Basketball Manitoba brand and logo guidelines.
  • Adhere to the applicable data protection law, in particular by not collecting or processing any personal data of players or disclose such data to third parties unless entitled to do so by law or by written consent of the respective player; 
  • Be responsible as the event host for any costs incurred in connection with the event and liable for any claims or damages arising out of or in connection with it.  Defend, indemnify and hold harmless Canada Basketball from/against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, penalties, fines, costs and expenses, including (without limitation) reasonable legal fees, that may arise in connection with any such claims.  As part of this support, Basketball Manitoba is extending its $5,000,000 liability coverage to your event should it be approved.  
  • Conduct the Competition in a way that is consistent with Canada Basketball and Basketball Manitoba's Policies and which does not impair the reputation of FIBA 3x3, Canada Basketball and Basketball Manitoba.
  • Collect the results of all games played at the Competition and upload them to the FIBA 3x3 Play platform within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event using the FIBA supplied tools.
  • Share digital copies of your event photos including any game action or winning team photos via social media direct messaging or email to Basketball Manitoba.

Events that meet the above criteria and complete the below application form will be granted...
  • Public recognition by Canada Basketball and Basketball Manitoba as an official member of the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championship Series and Canada Basketball 3x3 Endorsed event. 
  • Regular advertising of your event on all of Basketball Manitoba’s communication platforms including its website, social media, email newsletters and more. 
  • Technical and start-up support by Basketball Manitoba to help manage the FIBA 3x3 Play platform
  • No cost accident and liability insurance coverage to all participants, coaches, referees, organizers and facilities involved with your event. Only registered players from your tournament found in the FIBA 3x3 Play platform will be covered.  
  • An operating grant from Basketball Manitoba for up to $500.00 per event
    • The grant is to be used to support event operations including administration, advertising, awards, equipment and facilities. 
    • Currently, the first 4 eligible events that apply for the 2020 year will receive the grant. Additional funds will be granted on a case by case situation. 
    • The grant is to be released within 10 days after the completion of the tournament. 
  • Free entry into the same respective age division at the next Manitoba Basketball 3x3 Championships for every winning team(s) in each division that has at least 4 teams registered. 
    • Events completed prior to the deadline of the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships (mid-June range) will be granted a free winning team entry into this year’s Championships. 
    • Events occurring after this year’s Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships will be granted free entry into the following year’s event. Other costs tied to travel, accommodations, meals or team equipment are not included in the 3x3 Championships entry.    
    • Winning teams must register using the same team name from the qualifying tournament and have at least 3 of the 4 players from the qualifying tournament.
    • Only 1 player can be replaced before the Championships.
    • Teams qualifying for the Championships occurring in the following calendar year will need to register at the appropriate age division during the following year.
Questions on the Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Series can be made to Adam Wedlake at

Technical support using the FIBA 3x3 Play Platform can be made to Jillian Kehler at


Can't see the below form?  CLICK HERE to view it in a new page.

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