Basketball Manitoba Conflict of Interest Policy

Minimizing Conflicts of Interest in Decision-Making

1. Decisions or transactions that involve a conflict of interest that has been proactively disclosed by an Organization Representative will be considered and decided with the following additional provisions:

2. The nature and extent of the Representative’s interest has been fully disclosed to the body that is considering or making the decision, and this disclosure is recorded or noted
  • The Representative does not participate in a discussion on the matter 
  • The Representative abstains from voting on the decision 
  • For board-level decisions, the Representative does not count toward a quorum 
  • The decision is confirmed to be in the best interests of the Organization
3. For potential conflicts of interest involving employees, the Organization’s Board will determine whether there is a conflict and, if one exists, the employee will resolve the conflict by ceasing the activity giving rise to the conflict. The Organization will not restrict employees from accepting other employment contracts or volunteer appointments provided these activities do not diminish the employee’s ability to perform the work described in the employee’s job agreement with the Organization or give rise to a conflict of interest.

4. Conflict of Interest Complaints.  Any person who believes that a Representative may be in a conflict of interest situation should report the matter, in writing (or verbally if during a meeting of the Board or any committee), to the Organization’s Board who will decide appropriate measures to eliminate the conflict. The Board may apply the following actions singly or in combination for real or perceived conflicts of interest, if the conflict is determined:
  • Removal or temporary suspension of certain responsibilities or decision-making authority 
  • Removal or temporary suspension from a designated position 
  • Removal or temporary suspension from certain teams, events and/or activities 
  • Expulsion from the Organization 
  • Other actions as may be considered appropriate for the real or perceived conflict of interest
5. Any person who believes that a Representative has made a decision that was influenced by a real or perceived conflict of interest may submit a complaint, in writing, to the Organization to be addressed under the Organization’s Discipline and Complaints Policy.

6. Failure to comply with action as determined by the Board will result in automatic suspension from the Organization until compliance occurs.

7. The Board may determine that an alleged real or perceived conflict of interest is of such seriousness as to warrant suspension of designated activities pending a meeting and a decision of the Board.

8. Enforcement.  Failure to adhere to this Policy may permit discipline in accordance with the Organization’s Discipline and Complaints Policy.

Enacted November 27, 2017
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