Are you interested in sharpening your coaching skills? The National Coaching Certification Program workshops are an essential aspect for becoming the best coach you possibly can be. Whether you are coaching a community team or coaching a national team, an NCCP workshop will be beneficial for you. Workshops can be completed in a single evening or online for your convenience. The NCCP makes it easy to get started and stay motivated on the path towards coaching skills development.

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About the NCCP

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), launched in 1974 and delivered in partnership with the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, and national/provincial/territorial sport organizations, gives coaches the confidence to succeed.

Who is it for?

NCCP workshops are designed for all types of coaches. Whether you’re thinking about coaching your child’s community team or you’re already the head coach of a national team, the NCCP has workshops to meet your needs.

How much time does it take?

NCCP training doesn’t require much time. Individual workshops can be completed in a single evening, and some workshops can now be taken online at your convenience or via home-study.

Where do I start?

The National Coaching Certification Program makes it easy to get started and stay motivated on the path towards coaching skills development. Read through the following pages to find the path that’s right for you!

NCCP Overview

Being a coach takes passion and dedication. Being a great coach, however, often requires additional guidance and support. The National Coaching Certification Program was developed by CAC and its partners to give coaches that extra advantage. The program targets 67 different sports, in both official languages, and is the recognized standard for coach training and certification in Canada.

NCCP workshops are designed to meet the needs of all types of coaches, from the first-time community coach to the head coach of a national team. Each year, more than 50,000 coaches take an NCCP workshop. Since the program began, more than 1 million coaches have participated, making it one of the largest adult education programs in Canada.

The NCCP is comprised of three streams and a total of eight “contexts”, each with its own coaching requirements. Each sport is responsible for identifying how many of the eight contexts are relevant to their sport. As part of the program, all coaches (regardless of sport or context) are trained in ethical decision-making and sport safety.  The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program for all coaches in more than 60 sports, including basketball. The NCCP has moved towards a competency-based approach where coaches are:

  • trained in NCCP outcomes relevant to the participants that they are coaching;
  • evaluated by demonstrating coaching outcomes to a specified standard.

Competencies & Outcomes

Five core competencies are woven into the training and evaluation components of the NCCP.  They are:
  1. Valuing
  2. Interacting
  3. Leading
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Critical thinking
These core competencies are integral to the seven generic coaching outcomes which are:
  1. Make ethical decisions
  2. Provide support to athletes in training
  3. Plan a practice
  4. Support the competitive experience
  5. Analyze performance
  6. Design a sport program
  7. Manage a program
These outcomes can be attributed to coaches working with any level of athlete in any environment.


The new structure of the NCCP is based on the participants’ needs, which are identified within three streams:
  1. Community Sport
  2. Competition
  3. Instruction
To view a narrated presentation about the new NCCP model, click here.
To download a PDF illustrating the new NCCP model, click here.

New NCCP Model

Over the past few years, the NCCP in partnership with Canada Basketball has been revamped to recognize the changing landscape of today’s sport and coaching needs by adding the Community Sport and Competition Streams.  The Community Sport Stream of the NCCP caters to coaches specifically working with children in a recreational basketball system, including the WMBA community centre leagues.  The Competition Stream caters to coaches of school and club based leagues like the Rising Stars League run by the WMBA.  The Community Coach system has been developed to replace what was known as ‘Level 1 Technical’ and ‘Level 1 Theory’, while the Competition Stream has been developed to replace what was known as 'Level 2 Technical' and 'Level 2 Theory'.  These two clinics have been combined and refined to meet the coaching demands of today!    

The new NCCP model is made up of five streams for BASKETBALL and a total of five contexts, each with its own coaching requirements.
To view a narrated presentation about the new NCCP model, click here.

Stream 1 – Community Sport
Coaches in the Community Sport stream typically become involved on a voluntary (and often short-term) basis because their children participate in a sport. They tend to work with participants of all ages who are new to the sport. The Community Sport stream has two coaching contexts: Initiation and Ongoing participation.Typically for those coaching athletes age 9 and under.

Stream 2 – Competition
Coaches in the Competition stream usually have previous coaching experience or are former athletes in the sport. They tend to work with athletes over the long term to improve performance, often in preparation for provincial, national, and international competitions. The Competition stream has three coaching contexts: Introduction, Development, and High performance. For those coaching athletes age 9-12. 

Stream 3 – Competition Advanced
This course replaces NCCP Level 2 Technical and Theory.  The course is an advanced course for coaches of athletes 12-16 years of age and is for individuals interested in coaching within the Competition stream of the new NCCP. This course is the pre-requisite to obtain Intro to Competition – Development or Level III.  The course will comprise both classroom and on court sessions and will focus on; LTAD review, mental training, practice planning, competition planning, fundamental movement skills, technical movement skills, offensive and defensive concepts, a practical application, and a debrief evaluation. 

Stream 4 – Competition Development
The course is an advanced course for coaches of athletes 16-18 years of age. The system criteria has not yet been released and therefore clinics at this level are not being offered at this time. 

Provincially Delivered
Nationally Delivered
New NCCP Level
Community Coach
Introduction to Competition
Intro to Comp Advanced
Competition Development
Comp Dev Advanced
High Performance
LTAD Stage
Learn to Train
Train to Train
Train to Compete
Learn to Win
Train to Win
Ages Targeted 
Males 6-9; Females 6-8
Males 9-12; Females 8-11
Males 12-16; Females 11-15
Males 16-18; Females 15-18
Males 18-25; Females 18-23
Male 25+; Female 23+
Approximate Grades
Grades 4 and under
Grades 4-7
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12
University / College
National Team / Professional
Clinic Hours
8 hours (all in gym)
16 hours (10 in classroom; 6 in gym)
20 hours (10 in classroom; 10 in gym)
60 hours spread over 3 weekend primarily in the gym plus complettion of the below 6 modules through Coaching Manitoba ***
Clinic Participation Fee*
Evaluation Fee
Included in clinic fee
Included in clinic fee
 Included in clinic fee
Evaluation Requirement
 Viewing and debrief of 2 x 2 hour practices by NCCP Evaluator
 Viewing and debrief of 2 x 2 hour practices by NCCP Evaluator
Minimum Clinic Attendance
Maximum Clinic Attendance
Program Began
Fall 2007
Fall 2009
Fall 2010
Spring 2014**
Old NCCP Reference
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2/3
Level 3
Level 4/5
Level 4/5


All prices  where applicable include GST 
* based on paying full fee for facility.  Will be reduced if facility is provided.
** anticipated start date
*** Train to Compete will also require the completion of the following courses through Coaching Manitoba More info...

NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Workshop

By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) workshop coaches will be fully equipped to handle virtually any ethical situation with confidence and surety. MED helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.  A standardized decision-making module gives coaches a thorough process to rely on, while shared knowledge from qualified Learning Facilitators and experienced peers helps move the key principles out of the classroom and into the real world.  The MED workshop is a cornerstone of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough.  Read more...


Check Your NCCP Certification

The NCCP Database is an important tool that supports the efforts of all Canadians involved in coach education. Access to this database will provide all coaches with the opportunity to track their progress and guide their development.  The NCCP Database has been developed by the Coaching Association of Canada to support its mission of enhancing the experiences of all Canadian athletes through quality coaching. Coaches with an NCCP Account can view/update personal information, coaching records and access printable transcripts.  CHECK CERTIFICATION NOW...


More Information

For more information on the National Coaching Certification Program in Manitoba, please contact Dan Becker.

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