Welcome to the Manitoba Outdoor Basketball Court Map!  Click one of the court names in the below listing or click and drag to maneuver around the map!
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Submit a New Court

To have your area court added to the 'Outdoor Basketball Court Map,' please complete the following information.  This listing service is open to Manitoba residents only.  Submissions from other provinces or countries will be disregarded.

To be eligible for this list, the basketball court must be...
  1. Located outdoors
  2. Fully accessible to the public (such as a school, community/recreation centre or public park)
  3. Not on private land (i.e. on someone's driveway or backyard)
Please note that this mapping service has some limitations in very remote areas and may not reach all areas in Manitoba.  We will contact you if this is the case.

Print off our Court Submission Form PDF to help you record the data on-site then return to the below form to enter it.

Please allow 7 days for your submission to be reviewed and added to the map.  Thanks for the feedback!

Building a new or renovating an old basketball court in Manitoba?  
Check out our Optimum Outdoor Basketball Court Specs document below!

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