Basketball Manitoba has a comprehensive Accident and Liability Insurance Program for all players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers registered with our programs and our Member Associations.  If you are injured while participating in one of our programs or with a properly registered member association of Basketball Manitoba, please review the following information on our insurance policies. 


  1. Who is Covered? (see below)
  2. Accident Insurance Coverage (see below)
  3. Accident & Dental Claim Forms (see below)
  4. Liability Insurance Coverage (see below)
  5. Travel, Dental, Interruption Insurance and Limitations
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Contact (see below)


The Sport Accident Policy provides coverage to current members of Basketball Manitoba when a bodily injury results directly from a single basketball-related accident. The Sport Accident Insurance Policy does not include coverage for any injury determined to have been from the resulting over-use, progressive or pre-existing conditions.

This insurance coverage is an excess-payer policy.  Expenses eligible under any other health care plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s) first.  This policy will pay only the expenses that are not eligible for any other insurer held by the member.

The sport accident policy is a 3rd payer participant accident policy. This means it will only respond after the limits have been exhausted under the Manitoba Health (1st payer) and any extended health plan (2nd payer if applicable). Please note that the participant's accident (3rd payer) does NOT necessarily cover any excess expenses. For example, if your extended benefits (2nd payer) pays 80% of your medical expenses and treatment, it is NOT necessarily the case that the participant accident (3rd payer) insurance will pay the remaining 20%.  In other words, the participant's accident insurance may NOT pay the remaining 20% of medical expenses. Each participant claim is unique and will be reviewed and assessed by the claims adjuster assigned to your claim.  

Coverage for practices and games within Canada only. One plan covers all participants, managers, coaches, executives, and field officials throughout the entire season.

DEDUCTIBLE: There is currently no deductible for this participant's accident insurance coverage. This is subject to review and change on a year-to-year basis.

The rates within the Sport Accident Policy for all therapy will be $50.00 per visit with a maximum of $2,000.00 per accident over a 52-week period from the accident date.  This includes physiotherapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and osteopathy. There is no deductible on any claim.  

  • An accident is a single event caused by external, violent, sudden, fortuitous causes beyond the Insured’s control. 
  • An injury is a bodily injury suffered by a member caused directly by a single sport accident as described above, independent of any sickness or other causes.


To be eligible to make a claim on the Basketball Manitoba Insurance Program, you must have sustained the injury while participating in one of the below Basketball Manitoba-sanctioned programs or activities as a REGISTERED player, coach or referee.  All rehabilitation expenses must be first prescribed by a medical doctor for the claims to be eligible for coverage.  The following programs and programs within our member associations are covered under this insurance policy...

  • Manitoba Provincial Team Program (games, practices, tryouts and all program activities)
  • Canada Games, Western Canada Games and Manitoba Games (games, practices, tryouts and all basketball program activities)
  • Targeted Athletic Program (TAP) (tryouts and all program activities)
  • Manitoba Club Basketball Championships (tournament games)
  • High-Performance Basketball Camps (participation at)
  • Junior High Basketball Championships (tournament games)
  • Junior NBA Program - Manitoba programs (practice sessions) 
  • Todd MacCulloch Hoops School Program (practice sessions) 
  • National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) Clinics (participation at)
  • Junior Officials Development Program (JODP) Referee Clinics (participation at)

If a Manitoba-based basketball league is not listed below, it is not covered under the Basketball Manitoba insurance plan.  

An "official game or practice" is defined as one organized by the league or team as part of their program plans and, in the case of a game involving MABO-certified and assigned referees.
  • USPORT (CIS) - Manitoba Schools (official games and practices)
  • Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) (official games and practices)
  • Winnipeg Basketball League (aka Fort Garry Super Men's Basketball League & Winnipeg Women's Basketball League) (official games and practices)
  • Peg City Basketball Association (PCBA) (official games and practices)
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association (WMBA) (official games and practices)
  • Westman Youth Basketball Association (WYBA)
  • Breaking Barriers Basketball League (BBBL) (official games and practices) 
  • Interathletic Sports League (ISL) (official basketball games and practices)
  • Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO) (officiating at Basketball Manitoba and/or Manitoba school-sanctioned games and MABO/NOCP clinician and participant attendance only) 
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame (MBHOF) (activities with)
  • Philippine Basketball Association (PBA / Lipenos) (official games and practices)
  • Winnipeg Athletic Association for Youth (WAAY) (official games and practices)
  • Brandon Men's Basketball League (official games and practices)
  • Brandon Senior Women’s Basketball League and practices (BSWBL)
  • WinPak Basketball League (official games and practices)
  • Sabado Basketball League (official games and practices)
  • Prairie Basketball League (aka SEMFA) basketball games and practices
  • Registered Club teams (official games and practices)


All claimants must first see a medical doctor within 30 DAYS of the accident and submit all below paperwork to Basketball Manitoba within 30 DAYS of the accident in order to be covered. 

All rehabilitation expenses must be first prescribed by a medical doctor in order for the claims to be eligible for coverage.  If your injury was sustained while participating in one of the above activities, please download, print and complete in full the following forms and submit them to:

       Insurance Claims 
c/o  Basketball Manitoba
       145 Pacific Avenue
       Winnipeg, Manitoba
       R3B 2Z6     




Basketball Manitoba Accident Insurance Initial Claim Form

Don't see the claim form below?  If not, CLICK HERE to view it in a new window.  

All claimants must first see a medical doctor within 30 DAYS of the accident and submit all below paperwork to Basketball Manitoba within 30 DAYS of the accident in order to be covered. 


All Basketball Manitoba programs & members (as listed above) are also covered under our Comprehensive General Liability coverage. The Sport Manitoba Liability Insurance Brochure details the coverage under which all members of Basketball Manitoba, including players, coaches, managers and program volunteers, are protected. 

Member teams, clubs and associations requiring proof of liability insurance, typically for those using facilities that may request this information, can request a copy of this proof of insurance document by emailing  


For details on the specifics of making claims outside Manitoba, on a claim regarding injury or damage to the teeth or mouth area, interruption insurance, and limitations to coverage, please view one of the following sections.


While travelling in Canada, the policy is strictly a “sport accident” policy and therefore, the injury must be sustained while participating in a sanctioned game or practice. Travel insurance is recommended when travelling outside of Manitoba. There is no coverage for out-of-country issues that are not specifically basketball-related (such as illness or accidents occurring off the basketball court), and it is recommended that members purchase a travel insurance policy.

Registered teams travelling outside of Manitoba must complete and submit the Travel Registration Form 2 days prior to leaving for the trip.  Complete the form by CLICKING HERE.  

  1. Blanket Dental Accident Reimbursement
  2. Interruption Insurance

  1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page first.  
  2. General inquiries into the program can be made to the Sport Manitoba Insurance Department at 204-925-5604.
  3. Specific basketball insurance questions can be made to Adam Wedlake.
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