Basketball Manitoba is a not-for-profit organization responsible for the development and promotion of the game of basketball throughout the province of Manitoba.  Basketball Manitoba is focused on the development of athletes, coaches and officials and currently employs three full time people as its Executive Director, Technical Director and Program Coordinator along with other part time or contract based staff.  The Association is currently seeking applications for its Program Coordinator position.  

Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame

This was a challenging yet eventful and successful year for our Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum (MBHOFM). The COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of the Duckworth Centre at the University of Winnipeg in April. The following were the highlights:

  • The closure of our site saw the visitor count reduced to 3093, well below the usual number 
  • Our initiative to establish an endowment fund through the Manitoba Heritage Trust Fund (MHYP) and the Winnipeg Foundation where we were raising funds to ensure our long-term sustainability was completed when we reached our goal of $100,000.00 
  • The 18th Induction Dinner is planned for September 25, 2021, where our newest inductees will hopefully be able to be honoured –
    • PLAYERS : Shawn Gray  and Joanne Wells-Small
    • BUILDERS : Manny Aranez, Ray Hurd, John Klassen and Randy Kusano
    • TEAMS : Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate Raiders Varsity Boys,1982-83,1983-84, 1985-86 & 1988-89 and the Treherne Collegiate Tigers Varsity Girls, 1994-95,  1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000, & 2002-2003
  • The continued growth of our heritage inventory collection; this year we saw some new additions of uniforms and other memorabilia
  • The further organization of all printed materials and photographs in our collection with the use of the labeled hanging folders and vertical magazine racks
  • Adding 4 new members to our Hall of Fame committee
  • We continued to qualify as a Level 1 Museum by the Community Museum Grants Program which results in an annual grant
  • Our financial situation remains solid; we are committed to investing our revenues directly into our Hall of Fame site and the basketball community in general
  • Manitoba is still the only province in Canada that has a permanent site for a basketball hall of fame.
  • Our MBHOFM is usually open every day during the year except for statutory holidays. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily depending on the pandemic. 
  • The members of our organizing committee are: Ross Wedlake (Chair), Janet McMahon, Vic Pruden (Past Chair), Jerry Ilchyna, Wes Crymble, Morris Glimcher, Jerry Hemmings, Carol Ploen-Hosegood, Ken Opalko, Susan Johnson, Coleen Dufresne, Kyla Shore, Tyler Crayston, Ted Stoesz, and Adam Wedlake (Recording Secretary - Ex-Officio).

For 2021 the following are planned:

  • The replacement of the sliding glass doors on all five our display cabinets
  • The creation of a third action photo collection depicting the glorious history of basketball in Manitoba
  • A review of our guidelines for induction

In conclusion, we need to mention the tremendous and continuing support we get from the University of Winnipeg and Basketball Manitoba. Our Hall of Fame and Museum would not exist without this support and the support of our extended basketball community.

Respectfully submitted by

Ross Wedlake, Chair, MBHOFM

Source: https://www.mbhof.com/2021/06/manitoba-basketball-hall-of-fame-and.html


Mental health impacts the quality of life and performance of both sport participants and coaches. The Coaching Association of Canada’s Mental Health in Sport eLearning module was developed to educate coaches about mental health to empower them to effectively play a role in supporting the well-being of the participants in their sport program, while also supporting their own mental health. 

Sport is linked to a range of positive outcomes, including improved mental health and well-being. Coaches have a great deal of influence over participants’ mental health.  

After completing the Mental Health in Sport eLearning module, you will be able to:  

  • Describe the foundations of mental health
  • Recognize and understand your role in promoting coach and participant well-being
  • Understand the importance of self-care  

Coaches who are maintaining their NCCP trained or certified status will receive 1 Professional Development (PD) point upon completing this module.  

This eLearning module will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, and is available free of charge in the Locker. 

Log in, or create a new account to get started.  


In 2017, at the Basketball Manitoba Annual General Meeting, the Basketball Manitoba membership voted to replace its obsolete constitution with a set of Bylaws and Policies. The bylaws describe the governance and structure of the sport organization and can only be changed by the membership at an AGM. The policies, however, can be adopted by the Board of Directors at any of the meetings held throughout the year. As you will find on the Basketball Manitoba website, we have policies covering a wide range of topics. As has been said many times, we hope never to have to use most of them, but nevertheless, they are necessary for the protection and accountability of everyone. 

Some are required by and have been adopted from Sport Manitoba and Canada Basketball as a condition of membership and funding. We now have 28 policies ranging from athlete protection, financial matters, codes of conduct / ethics, workplace harassment, social media, concussions, conflict of interest, and confidentiality, plus others. They are all listed and posted on this website.    

The most important thing for us to remember is that these policies apply to ALL of us - every member of every group that holds membership with Basketball Manitoba. This would include all staff, interns, Board Members, all players and coaches with all member leagues and clubs (WMBA, PBA, WAAY, WYBA, Peg City, adult women's and men's, etc.), all basketball officials/referees and MABO Executive members, all universities and colleges, all those associated with our Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum, and even all spectators at Basketball Manitoba events.   


The Bisons women's basketball team have announced the commitment of Stockholm, Sweden native Lovisa Fjellner for the 2021-22 season. The 6'2", 180-pound forward is a veteran of 44 games at the youth national team level and adds an immediate two-way presence to the roster. Most recently, Fjellner played four seasons with RIG LuleΓ₯, the equivalent of a prep school team in Canada.

"Lovisa is a player who puts the work in both on court as well as in school. She easily adapts to new groups of people and is liked by many. She is truly a team player and always put her team first," said Mikael Johansson, Fjellner's coach with LuleΓ₯ as well as the U18 national team.

"Lovisa has great technique within shooting, blocking, passing and she reads the game well, both offensively and defensibly. She has the ability to make her team better when on the court, which is proven by her plus-minus statistics."

"She plays very differently at her club team compared to the youth national team," added Bisons head coach Michele Sung, who enters her eighth season at the helm in 2021-22.

"At the national team, she's expected to set screens, be a really good passer from the high post, be a good rebounder and defend, whereas on her club team she's actually more of a guard, which was intriguing. That's also because their style of play is almost a true five out. It's definitely going to be some learning on the fly when she gets here and exploring some options of how to best fit her into our system, but we're very excited about that fact."

Fjellner is a multiple-time winner at the Division 1 level of the Swedish women's league, and was the 2019 Player of the Game. She also made it to the Final 6 of the Senior Women's Swedish Cup in 2020. Additionally, Fjellner has been an all-star numerous times, including in the European Girls' Basketball League.

"I´m so excited about my future adventure in Canada," she said.

"It is a great opportunity for me and I do believe I will develop both as a basketball player and as a person. I really look forward to joining the team and this will be such a great restart after a strange COVID season without an ordinary game schedule."

 Image result for mayhem basketball,manuitoba.ca

REMINDER: Winnipeg Team Mayhem Basketball Club has announced its upcoming summer training sessions for the following groupings with the links to the registration forms, with the dates, times, and location information. 

In light of the news announced on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 by the Province of Manitoba tied to the ongoing global pandemic, all public health orders that are currently in effect will remain under the same status with a small exception to outdoor gatherings for at least 2 more weeks beginning this Saturday.  The changes announced in the latest health orders will permit groups of up to 5 people to gather in an outdoor public or private setting in a physically distanced manner.  This will keep all levels of organized basketball in Manitoba in a shutdown mode of all indoor and outdoor operations (games, practices, training, in-person meetings, etc.).

Casual or pick up basketball at outdoor public courts that are open in Manitoba must also follow these changes and can now see up to 5 people at a court in a socially distanced setting which means no games.  Some courts may remain closed or have other restrictions in place and will be at the call of the school, club or park that the court is located in.         

The sport of basketball in Manitoba will remain in this state, or at "Canada Basketball Return to Basketball - Phase 0", until at least Saturday June 26, 2021 or when the new health orders are updated or changed by Manitoba Public Health.  

More details on these changes can be found on the Province of Manitoba website.

This article will be updated as further information on these impacts are known.  

Basketball Manitoba hosted its 45th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 8 and the evening saw the election for its Board of Directors for the upcoming 2021-22 year.  The meeting that was held virtually online saw the re-election of James Dark, Michele Sung and Mike Weekes to another 2 year term along with new members Carter Chen and Sara Gillis (pictured above to the right) being elected by the membership.  All positions are 2-year terms.  Following the AGM, the new Board reappointed Ross Wedlake in the role of President, Mike Weekes in the role of Vice President and James Dark in the role of Treasurer.

Basketball Manitoba would like to thank outgoing Board Members Hector (Chino) Argueta and Ron Guinto (pictured above to the left) for their time and commitment to the organization and sport during their time on the board!

Basketball Manitoba President gave special thanks to Novell Thomas who is leaving his position as head coach of the Brandon University Women's Basketball Head Coach and is returning to his home province of British Columbia this summer.  Novell has been instrumental in growing the level of basketball in the Westman region with the creation of both the Junior Bobcats basketball club and the Westman Youth Basketball Association among many other initiatives.  Thank you and best wishes Novell!   

The full Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors for 2021-22 will be... (VIEW BOARD BIOS)
  • Ross Wedlake - President
  • Mike Weekes - Vice President
  • James Dark - Treasurer
  • Carter Chen - Director
  • Arlyn Filewich - Director
  • Sara Gillis - Director 
  • Chiranjit Goswami - Director
  • Glenn Matsumoto - Director
  • Kirby Schepp - Director
  • Michele Sung - Director
The meeting also saw the formal presentation of the 2020-21 Basketball Manitoba Audited Financial Statement and a number of other reports from the Directors and Staff.  All documents presented at the AGM can be found below.

To close the evening, the group openly discussed the return to play protocols tied to the current pandemic that has closed down all formal basketball activities.

The meeting was attended by representatives from...
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association
  • Winnipeg Basketball League
  • Peg City Basketball Association
  • Westman Youth Basketball Association
  • Brandon University
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Sabado Basketball League
  • Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials
  • Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Junior Bison Boys Basketball Club
  • Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club
  • Manitoba Gladiators Basketball Club
  • Junior Bobcats Basketball Club
  • Triumph Basketball Club
  • Dakota Collegiate
  • Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors
  • Basketball Manitoba Staff
  • Along with other individuals from the Manitoba basketball community
You can view the entire AGM Package that was distributed electronically at the meeting below