Basketball Manitoba is pleased to present an exclusive members-only online version of the University of Winnipeg produced 'Tips on Technique' video skills series. These videos were developed in the 1990s by Bill Wedlake, former Wesmen men's basketball coach and cover a wide range of basketball information from the basic fundamentals to different team sets and skills.

  1. Volume 1 of the series covers tips on ball-handling, shooting, passing & catching, setting & handling screens, cutting & defending the cutter, low post offenses & Defense and much more. Hosted by the University of Winnipeg Head Coach Bill Wedlake, this video uses on-court demonstrations along with useful insight, excellent for all levels of coaching.
  2. Volume 2 is this series that continues with proper running mechanics, coordination, strength training, individual defense, building a basic offense and much more. Coach Wedlake uses current members of the Wesmen to demonstrate these technical skills while adding tips and pointers for both player and coach. Excellent for any level of coaching.
  3. Volume 3 examines a number of different aspects of the game such as the 3 point shot, cross-over dribbling, screening away from the ball, defending the screener, movement without the ball, screening techniques, defending the screen on the ball, overloading a skill, using the Backboard, transition defense and the small/big screen. Each segment is broken down with a number of explanations and drills.

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