There are times when discussions within Basketball Manitoba’s Board meetings must be kept confidential. Such discussions are considered to be “in camera” meetings.
In camera meetings have a legitimate purpose but their use should be limited. Because in camera meetings restrict the normal information reported to the Membership, their use should be limited to those occasions when they are absolutely necessary.
In camera meetings should be considered where the following subject matter is to be discussed (the following list is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and other factors may be considered):
    1. personnel matters about any identifiable individual, including employees, Directors, participants, or Members of the Basketball Manitoba;
    2. commercially sensitive business matters, including matters subject to confidentiality agreements with third parties;
    3. litigation or potential litigation; or,
    4. the receiving of advice that is subject to privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.

Decisions made in an in camera meeting (including any in camera discussion within a broader meeting) and, when appropriate, the factors considered in determining to hold a discussion in camera, should be recorded in separate Minutes. The Recording Secretary should be part of the in camera meeting to keep the Minutes unless the circumstances require that he or she also be absent. In his or her absence, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate record of the discussion is kept.
Minutes of an in camera meeting should be distributed to those who participated in the meeting and after their approval should be kept confidential and separately along with any materials considered as part of the in camera meeting. Basketball Manitoba’s Administrative Assistant shall keep or cause to be kept a record of in camera Minutes.
Any access to in camera Minutes is limited to the participants of the in camera meeting. Any requests for access to in camera Minutes by any other individual should be directed to Basketball Manitoba’s President who will consult with the Chair of the meeting within which the in camera discussion occurred (if other than the President), or the Chair of the in camera portion of the meeting, prior to granting access to in camera Minutes.
Approval Date: November 24, 2014

Effective Date:  November 24, 2014

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