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    August 12, 2006

    How To... Create a Senior League Team

    If you are asking yourself “Is there basketball after High School?”  The answer is YES!  The following is a guide on how to start a team in the Senior Leagues and enjoy basketball for life!

    Senior leagues consist of people over the age of 18 who are not currently affiliated with a high school, college or university program.

    We want to see YOU continue with the sport you love and start a senior men’s or senior women’s basketball team this coming season!  By using the following information in this “how to” guide, you and your teammates will remain involved with the #1 sport in the world, stay in shape and have a great time!

    The following will lead you step by step through the process in setting up your own team in the league.  If this is something that interests you, start planning now!

    • League operates October through to March; Some offer spring leagues that run April to June.  
    • Teams consist of 8-15 players - most teams carry 10 to 12 players
    • The men’s league will be divided into 7-10 divisions and the women’s into 3-4 divisions based on caliber of play and experience in the league
    • The league is administered by an executive voted on by league teams
    • The league and all its members are covered under Basketball Manitoba's Accident and Liability Insurance Program
    • Games are scheduled Monday through Friday evenings and Sunday during the day for the leagues.
    • Both leagues currently played under the FIBA rules system.  
    • Games typically consist of 4 x 10 minute halves with a five (5) minute halftime
    • Overtime periods will consist of five (5) minutes each.
    • All games are officiated by certified Members of the Metropolitan Basketball Officials Association, the same group of referees responsible for local university games
    • All officials fees are paid for by the League (included in your team registration fee)
    • Minor officials (scorekeepers) are also provided, trained and paid for by the League



    For starters, you must gather a group of people who want to play basketball on a weekly basis over the winter.  It’s good to target at least 10 people to make up the team.  Designate a “team rep” who will attend league meetings, collect money, arrange practices and distribute the league schedule & other information.


    Be creative!  Remember that your team name will appear on your uniforms and all schedules, so keep it clean and simple.


    You can contact your area School Division if your team wants a weekly gym space for team practices.  All bookings must be done in writing and explain who is using the gym, why the gym is needed, the day of the week and the school you are requesting.  Contact one of the School Divisions before the end of June as they operate on a first come first serve basis!  Read our section on How to Book Gym Space for more details.


    Teams are expected to provide their own uniforms for all league games.  You must plan this early in the summer in order to have them ready for the fall.  Teams must have a complete set of uniforms prior to their first league game (mid-October).  Teams are required to wear a reversible jersey with numbers on both the front and the back.

    Uniform Specifications
    • All uniforms must be of the same dominant color and style.  T-shirts worn under a jersey must be the same color.
    • It is strongly suggested that uniforms be reversible (dark & white).
    • Each uniform must be numbered on the front and back with a plain solid color contrasting the color of the shirt.  They must be clearly visible and:
    • The numbers on the back must be at least 6 inches tall
    • The numbers on the front must be at least 4 inches tall.
    • Uniform numbers may only be used once per uniform and range from 0-99 (no double zero (“00”) or three digit numbers permitted)
    Where To Buy Your Uniforms

    Prices range from $25 to $75 per uniform (depending on the brand, style, and design).  There are a number of uniform companies in the Winnipeg area.  For more, check out our section on How to Order Basketball Uniforms


    Each team is expected to pay between $1500 and $2000 (check with the league's current fees) to enter their respective leagues.  When you divide that amount by the number of people on your team (10-12), it averages out to be approximately $150 per person.  This amount doesn’t include the cost of a uniform (see point number 3).  The team rep is responsible for attending all league meetings - one in the fall and one in the spring.
    • Collect money from each team member prior to the entry deadline and present it to the League prior to or on the registration deadline.  Late registration fees will not be accepted.
    • It is suggested that each team open up a bank account under the team name – any team refunds are made out to the team, not an individual
    • Some leagues will only accept cash, certified cheques, money orders (no personal cheques) or credit cards.  Check with the leagues for exact details.
    • All payments must be made payable to the respective league.

    The information package that you will receive in late summer will indicate when and where the fall preseason meeting will be (sometime in mid-September or early April).  You must present to the league all your team fees and application forms.  Teams who fail to show to the meeting will NOT be scheduled.

    7. PLAY BALL!

    The league will tip-off in October.  All the work that you do over the summer will pay off!  Your uniforms will be ready, your roster will be full and you’ll be itching to play some hoops!

    HAVE FUN!!!

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