The changing basketball landscape in Manitoba is seeing a growing number of ‘club teams’ formed at all levels and areas.  The following documents detail a number of support files and points surrounding how these clubs are to conduct themselves to ensure the game continues to flourish in a stable manner.

Travel Registration Form

Tournament Registration Form

Club Basketball Provincial Championships

Insurance Claim Forms

Brand new basketball clubs or organizations seeking to become members of Basketball Manitoba are asked to complete the following online form...

Basketball Manitoba Club / Organization Application Form

 Frequently Used Club Forms & Links

Club Basketball Guidelines & Policies

Basketball Manitoba expects all of its ‘members in good standing’ to abide by all the statements detailed in this document.  Those not abiding by these policies and statements face the risk of losing all insurance coverage and protection, access to MABO certified officials, access to using Basketball Manitoba communication services (web, email, and fax) and overall recognition and support of their

The following has been laid out to ensure the overall integrity of the game of basketball is maintained and those involved at all levels experience being as positive as possible!


  1. Definitions
  2. Player Eligibility
  3. Player Eligibility Appeals Process
  4. Timelines / Deadlines
  5. Blackout Tournament / Event Registration Dates
  6. Fees
  7. Financial Accountability
  8. Coach / Volunteer Requirements
  9. Responsibilities and Ethics
  10. Membership Benefits
  11. Existing Members
  12. Becoming a Member Team
  13. Renewing Your Team Membership
  14. Fair Play Codes & Philosophy
  15. Recruiting Code of Conduct
  16. Questions?


Independent Club Team.  A group of basketball players ranging in size from 8 to 15 people assembled by a coach or coaches to train, develop and compete in exhibition, league and
tournament games.  The ‘club team’ has no direct affiliation with an elementary, junior high/middle or high school or community/recreation centre, however, may have a direct relationship with a Manitoba University of College.  Other terms used to describe these teams have been ‘travelling team’, ‘all-star team’, and ‘elite team’ among others.  This document will use the term ‘club team’ hereinafter to describe this type of team. 

Basketball Club.  A collection of two (2) or more ‘Independent Club Teams’ of different ages
and/or genders that administer themselves as one program. 

Existing Member Team.  A basketball team that is already an active member of Basketball Manitoba through their respective League or Association including Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association (WMBA), Peg City Basketball League, Winnipeg Basketball League, Philippine Basketball League, and Winnipeg Athletic Association for Youth (WAAY).  For an updated list of active member groups, please consult the Basketball Manitoba website. 

Tournament Registration Form.  Registration form to be completed and submitted to
Basketball Manitoba prior to a club hosting a basketball tournament in the province of Manitoba in order to extend the team’s insurance coverage to the event in question.  This registration will allow MABO-certified officials to officiate the event.  All tournament registration forms must be submitted to Basketball Manitoba 15 days prior to the start of the event in order to be approved.

Travel Registration Form.  Registration form to be completed and submitted to Basketball  Manitoba prior to a Club Team travelling to a basketball event or tournament in another Canadian province or U.S. State in order to extend the team’s insurance coverage to the event in question.  All travel registration forms must be submitted to Basketball Manitoba 5 days prior to the departure of the team in order to be accepted.  All programs wishing to travel
to events outside of Manitoba will be granted to do so.  This is not a ‘permission’ form.  It
is collected to ensure that travel information is recorded to extend Basketball Manitoba’s insurance coverage to the travelling group.  


Any Manitoba resident who is age-eligible to participate on a club team can do so as long as they follow these stipulations:

  1. All ages will be defined on December 31 of the current year.
  2. A player who commits to an existing club team cannot transfer to another registered club team until on or after the THIRD FRIDAY of August of the following year when the new series of open club tryouts annually occur.  
  3. A player can only be registered to one Basketball Manitoba roster at a given time.  
  4. Only players appearing on a Basketball Manitoba registered team will be provided access to the Basketball Manitoba Accident and Liability coverage.  
  5. All player additions by players who are not already committed to another roster must be done by using the Manitoba Club Basketball Team Registration Portal prior to the new player beginning their
  6. Teams can add new players to their roster to carry as many as 15 players but cannot do so at the expense of an existing player and cannot with players already committed to another roster as detailed in point #2. 


1. Basketball Manitoba will review any appeals to the above Player Eligibility policies.  All appeals must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by a $25.00 deposit (payable to “Basketball Manitoba”) to the office at 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6.  

2. The Appeals Committee who will review the information will be made up of three (3) members of the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors, one being an Executive Committee Member who will appoint two (2) additional Board Members to serve on the committee for the year.

3. The Appeals Committee will rule on the issue and may bring in other members of the Board of Directors whose portfolios or backgrounds may pertain to the issue to collect information and interpretations.  Additional information may be requested from the protesting party or other parties by the Appeals Committee.  If the appeal is found in the favour of the appealing group, the deposit will be refunded. 

4. The Appeals Committee must render a decision within 14 days of receiving the appeal, submitting a report in writing to all parties involved.  All polices will remaining in effect throughout the appeals process. 

5. Any decision(s) made by the Appeals Committee is final and will take effect immediately. Failure to comply with the decision(s) made will see the group in question lose their ‘member in good standing’ status with Basketball Manitoba and void all insurance coverage.


  1. Third Friday of August.  The earliest point a club team can offer open tryouts for its program for the upcoming year.  Notifications on tryout details can be sent to Basketball Manitoba or the WMBA for posting on their respective websites.  See more...

  2. September 1.  Basketball Manitoba’s calendar is set and posted on web-calendar and on its main page.  Club teams must refer to the Basketball Manitoba web-calendar to plan when they are holding major programs and tournaments and should avoid dates already established by Basketball Manitoba and our other member associations (see ‘blackout dates’ below for more).

  3. October 31. Membership expires after one year (regardless of when the initial membership
    was paid).

  4. November 1.  All club teams must renew and register their teams with Basketball Manitoba.

  5. December 31.  The last date a club can operate an open tryout for a program before the 3rd Friday of August of the next year.  

  6. March 15. All club team rosters are ‘frozen’ for the remainder of the year.  If the team is in other Basketball Manitoba Sanctioned Leagues, the team must respect the roster freeze guidelines as defined by that league, whose policy will take precedence over any statements here.  Teams will not be able to add or transfer players to their rosters that are currently registered on other Club Teams.  New, unaffiliated (non-registered) players can still be added to rosters, but not at the expense of players already on the roster.  Appeals to this statement are to be made by using the procedures as outlined above.

  7. Tournament Registration Form.  Club Teams hosting a tournament in Manitoba must have the tournament registered and approved 15 days prior to the start of the tournament.

  8. Travel Registration Form.  Club Teams traveling out of Manitoba must submit a travel registration form 5 days prior to departure to the event.


A tournament/event registration will not be issued to clubs hosting events or tournaments in Manitoba for the following timelines.  These dates DO NOT apply to programs wishing to travel to other events outside of Manitoba.  Please note that the following dates provide only a time frame of when these programs have run in the past.  Factors such as statutory holidays and events running out of Basketball Manitoba’s control will factor in exactly when these events will run on an annual basis.  The exact dates will be posted by September 1 on the Basketball Manitoba website calendar.

  1. Targeted Athlete Program Tryouts – mid August range (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  2. School Basketball Season - Jan. 1 to AFTER the Junior High Basketball Championships inclusive (just prior to Spring Break)
  3. Manitoba Provincial Team Tryouts – late May (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  4. Club Basketball Provincial Championships – late April / early to mid May weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  5. Provincial Team National Championships / Western Canada Summer Games / Canada Games – early to mid-August

FEES (effective September 1, 2019)
  • Basketball Manitoba Team Registration Fees (ages as of December 31 of the current year)
  • Youth Teams (under age 18) = Basketball Manitoba Membership of $200.00 plus Canada Basketball National Membership Fees of $50.00 =  $250.00 (includes GST)
  • Adult Teams (age 18+) = Basketball Manitoba Membership of $225.00 plus Canada Basketball National Membership Fees of $50.00 =  $275.00 (includes GST)
  • Tournament Membership - $25.00 fee for all non-member club teams participating in sanctioned tournaments held inside Manitoba.  Fee covers the attendance in ONE tournament only.  Teams seeking coverage for multiple events are recommended to obtain a full membership.  

Basketball Manitoba accepts the following payment options detailed below...
  • eTransfer to (use basketball as the passphrase)
  • Paypal to
  • Phone 204-925-5775 ext 1 with a Visa or MasterCard number/expiry date
  • Visit our office at 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm to pay with cash, Visa, MasterCard, debit card or cheque made payable to 'Basketball Manitoba'.
  • Mail a cheque or money order payable to 'Basketball Manitoba' to Basketball Manitoba, 145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6.  


If Basketball Manitoba were to be approached by a team or club that has accounts that are outstanding, Basketball Manitoba will contact the said team or club to inquire as to why this has not been addressed.  This can include (but not be limited to) monies owing to creditors or members of the said club or Basketball Manitoba Member Associations.  A request (if made) will be made in writing from Basketball Manitoba to the Basketball Club or Independent Club Team and will allow fifteen days (15) to respond to it with such information.  Clubs who do not provide such information will lose their ‘member in good standing’ status with Basketball Manitoba. 


  1. All adult coaches, assistant coaches and managers must submit to a Criminal Records Check and Manitoba Child Abuse Registry check every three years at a date set by Basketball Manitoba or one of its member associations.  Details will be provided to all teams which register with Basketball Manitoba each fall season.  

  2. All Head and Assistant Coaches must complete the online ‘Respect in Sport’ program by December 1 of the year they began coaching and then every 5 years after that to stay eligible under Sport Manitoba's policies.  New coaches or programs will be given a 2 week grace period from their point of registration to complete this program.  There is no cost to complete this program.  Information is at

  3. Head coaches, in their 2nd year and beyond with the team, must complete their NCCP Level 1 (or equivalence) technical / competition stream.  Information is at

  4. A minimum of one member of each coaching staff is to be of the same gender as the team they are coaching (i.e. girls teams must have a minimum of one adult female coach on the bench at all times and boys teams must have a minimum of one adult male coach on the bench at all times).


1.      Basketball Manitoba expects all of its member teams to at all times act in a professional manner at all games, practices and team activities (on and off the court).  You are reminded that you are representing your program, province, city / town, Basketball Manitoba and its member associations and partners at all times.  Details on these expectations can be found in the Fair Play Appendix section.

2.      Those individuals, teams or clubs found not following these behaviour and ethical expectations will be subject to action by Basketball Manitoba.  All complaints will be handled by the Appeals Committee as outlined above and will be dealt with within a 14 day period of Basketball Manitoba receiving such information.  Any decision(s) made by Basketball Manitoba is final and will take effect immediately. Failure to comply with the decision(s) made will see the group in question lose their ‘member in good standing’ status with Basketball Manitoba and void all insurance coverage. 

3.     Players who are to earn a spot on the Manitoba Provincial Team must make the Provincial Team a priority over their respective club team when it comes to game and practice commitments.  Communication between the coaches and players on all sides is a must for this to work.   Provincial Team coaches will schedule their practices around the WMBA Rising Stars game nights to avoid a majority of conflicts.  The Provincial Team program will limit the training sessions in early May to allow club teams the opportunity to travel to and host tournaments.


Basketball Manitoba offers teams in Manitoba the opportunity to formally join the Association as a 'Member Team'.  Some of the benefits of being a Member Team include...

1. Complete Accident and Liability Insurance. All team members will be covered by our Accident & Liability Insurance Policy.  More information on our insurance program, including how to submit claims can be found in our Member Insurance Services section.

2. Access to Certified Referees,  All member teams will gain access to the base of certified basketball officials for their games and tournaments.  The team will still be responsible for paying the game / assignment fees via the assignor.  For a list of referee assignors, please go to .

3. Club Team Listing.  All active basketball clubs will be provided one page on the Basketball Manitoba website to post news and information on their program.

4. Meeting Rooms.  All member teams will have the opportunity to hold their team planning meetings at the Sport Manitoba building at 145 Pacific Ave in downtown Winnipeg.  Meeting rooms vary in size and can host anywhere from 10 to 128 people and are to be booked through the office.  Please provide at least 2 weeks notice in requesting your meeting room.  All rooms are booked on a first come first served basis and are generally available 7 days a week with exception to statutory holidays.  Forty-eight (48) hours notice must be given to Basketball Manitoba to cancel a booked room or face a $30.00 cancellation fee.  The same fee will apply to groups not showing up to their scheduled time.

5. Administrative and Print Services Support.  All member teams can contact the Basketball Manitoba Staff for additional administrative guidance and can also gain access to the Sport Manitoba Print Services, which offers competitive pricing printing services for members.


The following Programs and Member Associations are automatically enrolled in Basketball Manitoba's Membership Program...

     1. Basketball Manitoba Programs 
  • Provincial Team Program (tryouts and team activities)
  • Targeted Athlete Program (tryouts and program activities)
  • Club Basketball Championships (tournament games)
  • Junior High Basketball Championships (tournament games)
  • NCCP Coaches Clinics or JODP Referee Clinics (attendance at)
    2.  Member Associations
  • Winnipeg Basketball League (official games and practices)
  • Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (officiating at sanctioned games only)
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame (activities with)
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association (official games and practices)
  • Peg City Basketball League (official games and practices)
  • Registered Member Club teams (official games and practices)
  • See the full listing on the Basketball Manitoba website announced each September


If you are a team representative that is interested in having your team become a member of Basketball Manitoba, please review the following information...

The current Team Membership fees are indicated in the above Fees section.  

To become a Basketball Manitoba Member Team, you must complete the online Club Team Registration Form and submit it with the appropriate payment...



The membership will cover the team until October 31 of the next year once the payment is received. Teams looking to renew their memberships are to complete a new Team Registration Form (PDF) and submit it with the appropriate payment before the current year's membership expires.  Once a team membership expires, the program is NOT entitled to ANY support, services or insurance coverage from Basketball Manitoba or its Member Associations.


Basketball Manitoba strongly believes in fostering the development of its members, coaches, officials, parents and especially the athletes. Fair Play by definition is based on three main principles – INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS and RESPECT.  Fair Play does not refer to equal playing time.  It is expected that everyone involved with Basketball Manitoba will uphold the Fair Play Policies that the Basketball Manitoba has adopted.

As we are involved with the development of young people, Basketball Manitoba wants every child’s experience with the program to be positive.  We want everybody to experience success, but also want to emphasize the importance of skill development and fun.  It is important that we all have a clear understanding of what Fair Play is, and that we work together toward common Fair Play goals.  Our older athletes need to be reminded of the importance of Fair Play and our younger athletes need to be taught Fair Play effectively so that it becomes an important part of their overall development.

The Five Ideals of Fair Play as identified by the Commission for Fair Play
  1. Respect the rules
  2. Respect the officials and accept their decisions
  3. Respect your opponent
  4. Give everybody an equal chance to participate
  5. Maintain your self-control at all times

The following are the Fair Play Codes that Basketball Manitoba has adopted and expects each one of the parties identified to respect.

Fair Play Code for Basketball Players
  1. I will participate because I want to, not just because my parents or coaches want me to.
  2. I will play the game for the game's sake.  I will be generous when I win and be gracious when I lose.
  3. I will play by the rules of basketball and in the spirit of the game.
  4. I will control my temper and understand that fighting and “mouthing off” can spoil the game for everybody and is unacceptable.
  5. I will respect my opponents.
  6. I will do my best to be a true team player and work for the good of the team.
  7. I will remember that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing my best are more important than just winning games.
  8. I will remember that coaches and officials are there to help me and I will accept their decisions and show them respect.
  9. I will acknowledge all good plays / performances – those of my team and of my opponents.

Fair Play Code for Basketball Coaches
  1. I will be reasonable when scheduling practices and games.  I will remember the other interests and obligations of my players.
  2. I will teach my players to play fair and respect the rules of the game as they are written.
  3. I will ensure that all my players get equal instruction and support.
  4. I will recognize and reward all achievements other than just scoring points.
  5. I will never ridicule or yell at my players for making mistakes, performing poorly or losing.  I will remember that children play to have fun and satisfaction and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  6. I will ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate for my player’s age and size.
  7. I will teach my team to respect the opposing teams, judgment of the referees and other administrators and will lead by example.
  8. I will follow a physician's advice to decide when injured players are ready to play again.
  9. I will remember that children need a coach they can respect.  I will be generous with deserved praise and set a good example.
  10. I will keep informed on sound coaching techniques based on the principles of growth and development of children and continue to upgrade my coaching skills.
  11. I will plan my season in advance and ensure I share it with my players and parents, particularly at the beginning of the season.
“As a coach, you are one of the most influential people in a child’s life.  Your job is not only to teach the game of basketball, but also to teach how to win and lose graciously.  You must also remind your athletes that sport is meant to be fun.  The athletic skills these young people learn from you may only be used for a few years, the attitudes they develop toward themselves and others will last a lifetime.”

Fair Play Code for Parent & Spectators
  1. I will not force my child or others to participate in basketball.
  2. I will remember that children play organized sports for their own fun and benefit. They are not there to entertain, and they are NOT miniature professional athletes.
  3. I will explain the importance of “Fair Play” to my child and their coach along with others involved in basketball.
  4. I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  5. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning, so my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of the game.
  6. I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly and trying hard.
  7. I will never ridicule or yell at my child or coach for making a mistake or losing a game. 
  8. I will remember that children learn best by example and will applaud good plays by the home team and the visiting team. 
  9. I will be on my best behaviour at all times and will not use profane language or harass players, coaches, referees, administrators, volunteers or the opposing team.
  10. I will never question the referee or coach’s judgment or honesty in public and will respect their decisions and involvement in my child’s development.
  11. I will show respect for the visiting team – without them there would be no game.
  12. I will make involvement in this basketball program for my child and others a positive experience.
  13. I will condemn the use of violence and verbal abuse in all forms.
  14. I will encourage players always to play according to the rules of basketball.
  15. I will attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.  A child is easily affected by outside influences.

Fair Play Code for Club Administrators
  1. I will do my best to see that all players are given the same chance to participate, regardless of gender, ability, ethnic background or race.
  2. I will become familiar with Basketball Manitoba’s Policies and Procedures and ensure that all others involved are aware of them as well. 
  3. I will incorporate Fair Play into policy statements and develop methods of ensuring those policies are followed.
  4. I will ensure that all equipment and facilities are safe and match the athlete’s ages and abilities.
  5. I will ensure that the age and maturing level of the participants are considered in program development, rule enforcement and scheduling. 
  6. I will remember that play is done for its own sake and make sure that winning is kept in proper perspective.
  7. I will make Fair Play the foundation of all club workshops, seminars, coaching / officials clinics and meetings.
  8. I will distribute Fair Play Codes to spectators, coaches, players, officials, parents and media and lead by example.
  9. I will ensure that coaches and officials are capable of promoting Fair Play as well as the development of good technical skills and I will encourage them to become certified and continue their development.
  10. I will remember that I am in a position of authority and will use my best judgment that is in the best interests of the children and for the game of basketball.
Fair Play Code for Basketball Referees
  1. I will make sure that every player has a reasonable opportunity to perform to the best of his or her ability, within the limits of the rules.
  2. I will avoid or put an end to any situation that threatens the safety of the players.
  3. I will encourage other officials, players and coaches to play fair and respect the rules of the game as they are written.
  4. I will maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for competition.
  5. I will do my best job I can in each game, no matter the category of basketball I am working.
  6. I will not permit the intimidation of any player either by word or by action.  I will not tolerate unacceptable conduct toward officials, other players, coaches, spectators or myself.
  7. I will represent myself as professionally as possible in appearance and physical conditioning to suit the level of basketball I am officiating.
  8. I will be consistent and objective in calling all infractions, regardless of my personal feelings toward a specific team, player or coach.
  9. I will handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.
  10. I accept my role as teacher and role model for Fair Play, especially with young participants.
  11. I will be open to discussion and contact with the players before and after the game.
  12. I will remain open to constructive criticism and show respect and consideration for different points of view.
  13. I will show respect for other officials, players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.
  14. I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my officiating skills and knowledge of the game.
  15. I will work in cooperation with coaches for the benefit of the game.


Basketball Manitoba expects its member teams to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times when creating teams.  The following points apply to both teams in the WMBA’s Rising Stars League and to those who are running as independent club teams. 

  1. Recruitment of players from other programs during the competitive season shall be prohibited.  
  2. Any contact for the purpose of recruiting athletes or coaches from opposing teams between October 1st and June 30th is strictly prohibited.  
  3. Have respect for athletes and your fellow coaches alike.  Do not place either in positions of torn loyalties. 
  4. New players can be added to a roster so long as the player is not currently registered for any other Basketball Manitoba registered Club Team.  
  5. Players who decide not to continue with a team must inform both their current program before they register with another and must respect current 'roster freeze' deadlines.  
  6. Recruit only for your own program and based off the merits of your program and accomplishments only.  Don't degrade opposing coaches or programs.  Cross recruiting is strictly prohibited.
  7. The use of individual sponsorships / scholarships or other incentives to attract other players or coaches is not permitted.
  8. Have respect for fellow coaches and their programs, always show professionalism and follow the rules of Basketball Manitoba.  Interact with coaches, parents, players and administrators in the same fashion that you would want to be treated yourself.
  9. Let athletes and parents know how the player fits into your program in the short term and the long term. Promises are commitments to action.  Failure to follow through compromises your integrity.
  10. Coaches who are contacted by players / parents who are already involved in another program are to advise their existing coach to notify them of the contact.


Inquires on the Team Membership Program or any of the contents on this page can be made to Basketball Manitoba Executive Director Adam Wedlake.  

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