Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer a new accident and liability insurance coverage program for basketball camps hosted in Manitoba.  This extension of our traditional insurance service provided to all member associations, including youth and adult leagues can now be accessed by all camp directors to help provide coverage to their basketball camps.  The insurance will provide coverage for all camp participants including players and coaches in the form of both accident and liability support.  The coverage will also extend to the facility used itself.  More and more facilities are requiring user groups to show proof of insurance to access their property and this plan will do just that.

Many camps use a waiver form in the place of providing insurance coverage.  This is no longer required to those camps who register their program with Basketball Manitoba.  Pricing starts as little as $1 per day per camper.  Most camps operate for a week in length, so for only $5 per player, you can provide additional piece of mind to your customers while participating in your program.  Camps using the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program as part of their programming already carry this insurance protection.

The accident coverage includes items tied to rehabilitation costs including doctor prescribed visits to Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, braces (for daily use), prescription medicines (not covered by Manitoba Health) that are all tied to an accident sustained at a registered camp. Ambulance coverage is available as well which currently ranges in the $500 per call range.  Visits to Physiotherapists currently are in the $50+ per session range.

Camps who obtain the insurance will be provided a digital badge to use in your promotions including on the Basketball Manitoba website.

To begin the camp insurance registration process, please complete the form found at the following link...

Information on the Basketball Manitoba Insurance Program can be found at

Inquires on this new service including obtaining a quote for the camp service can be made to
Adam Wedlake at Basketball Manitoba.    

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