The Basketball Technical Committee is a committee of the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors will a purpose of analyzing and researching different issues and trends surrounding the sport of basketball in Manitoba.  The committee reports back on different recommendations and directions of which the sport should be moving and adapting towards.  The committee is comprised of a wide range of people from all levels of basketball from the coaching, officiating, playing and administrative side of the game.  The following are a number of documents and links tied to the committee for your information. 


The Technical Committee is currently made of of the following individuals.  Membership to the committee is open to the public.



 Ross Wedlake Basketball MB Board and TC Committee Chair
 Terry Wolowiec WMBA Rep
 Sean Close  WMBA Executive Director
 Kirby Schepp  University of Manitoba Men's Coach
 Alyssa Cox University of Winnipeg Women's Coach
 Manoj Nowrang Club & School Coach, PCA Rep
 Jennifer How  School Coach
 Dan Neufeld  Club Coach & WMBA Board Member
 Vic Pruden Veteran Coach
 Arsenio Dela Cruz Club Coach
 Reid Kenyon WMBA Referee Assignor
 Tiara Licsi Basketball Manitoba Program Coordinator
 Adam Wedlake Basketball Manitoba Executive Director, Club & School Coach
 Dan Becker

Basketball Manitoba Technical Director, Club & School Coach

Resources and Downloads

A & B - Optimum Basketball Facility Specifications

Information is provided by Basketball Manitoba for an ideal basketball facility build and has been approved by the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors, Technical Committee and Provincial Council.

A one page chart detailing all aspects of the different game modifications that are recommended for use at the different levels of basketball in Manitoba.

D - Canada Basketball Athlete Development Model 
The Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) provides a consistent framework from which coaches can work. This document has been designed with the input of sport scientists and coaches from across the country. It is a long-term player/athlete development model that illustrates to coaches, parents, volunteers and administrators at the local, provincial and national levels, the importance of a systematic and consistent approach to the development of athletes. It also recognizes the importance of participation in securing the health of the nation.  The model is to be used as a guide for coaches and administrators. This will assist them in understanding the importance of teaching particular aspects of the game to athletes at specific stages of development. It is hoped that with this systematic approach, skills and abilities needed to achieve excellence in basketball will be reachable. It will also ensure that all participants will receive the appropriate training that will produce well-rounded people and maintain a lifelong passion for the sport.

The following is a collection of other links and resources tied to the development and growth of the game that the Technical Committee is using as research information.
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For more information on the Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee or if you wish to contribute information, links, resources or join the group, please contact

Committee Chair, Ross Wedlake - rosswedlake@gmail.com
Basketball Manitoba Executive Director Adam Wedlake - adam@basketballmanitoba.ca
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