Canada Basketball has released a new document aimed to basketball clubs and associations across Canada to use as a self assessment tool to evaluate their operations as a group and look to make improvements on how they operate.

This document establishes the recommendations of Canada Basketball for best practices in the operations of club and youth basketball associations.  Five key areas of operations, along with corresponding criteria have been identified:
  1. LTAD Implementation & Program Delivery
  2. Coaching
  3. Safety
  4. Membership & Registration
  5. Governance & Administration. 
The document has been set up as a self-assessment tool which clubs and youth basketball associations can use along with Basketball Manitoba to track progress towards achieving EXCELLENCE through the meeting and exceeding of the basic operating principles within each area.

This initiative is intended to help basketball clubs and associations across the country consistently adhere to a best practice set of standards in providing developmental opportunities, programming and services to basketball players in their communities.   The standards identified and the implementation will be a continually evolving process which we will work together to maintain and improve on an ongoing basis.

Basketball Manitoba is recommending that ALL clubs and youth based basketball in Manitoba review this information ad use it as a framework to make improvements to their operations.

To view the document, please click the following link...

Basketball Club and Association Excellence 

Other resources that are also available to Basketball Manitoba members to use and adopt as their own is all of its current association policies.  By default, if your club or association does not have its own statement on any of these policies, the Basketball Manitoba policy would come in to play.  Member clubs and associations are welcome to formally adopt any and all of the Basketball Manitoba policies as their own to formalize the process.  Those policies can be seen here...

Basketball Manitoba Policies

All club basketball resources can be found in our Club Basketball Resource Centre at
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