Basketball Manitoba has a number of opportunities available to organizations looking to advertise on our website.  Our site is one of the leading basketball based information websites in Canada!

Our Demographics

  • Basketball attracts a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Most visitors come from active families in both urban and rural settings with a middle to higher level income base
  • The average age of our base is 26 years old.
  • 45% of our visitors claim to be a 'player', 30% a 'coach' and 20% a 'referee'
  • 70% of our site visitors are from Manitoba with another 10% from around Canada
  • Other regular visits come from countries including USA (11%); Europe (3%); Australia (2%); Mexico (1%); 70 other counties (3%)

Website Stats Summary

  • Average banner ad is seen over 10,000 times a month (120,000 times a year)
  • The site sees over 30,000 visits per month (360,000 per year)
  • Over 130,000 pages viewed in a month (1.5 million a year)
  • The average visitor remains on the site for 5-15 minutes each, uses a Windows based system (94%) and uses Internet Explorer (80%) as a web browser.  
  • Over 20% of all visitors have added our site to their website 'favorites'  or 'bookmarks'.
  • Our site sees the most traffic on Tuesdays and Wednesday between 9 am and 4 pm CST
  • Over 60% of our visitors use either Shaw or MTS high speed web access
  • Our site ranks very high with Google (and other search engines) and currently has a page rank of 5 (out of 10).  Sites such as, and have rankings of 9 and 10. 
  • The average visitor uses the following keywords to find us through search engines (1. basketball, 2. manitoba, 3. court, 4. score, 5. tournament)

Website Advertising Rates (all prices shown in Canadian dollars) 

Months  Average Page Impressions  Rate  Cost per View 
 1   10,000  $100.00  $0.01
 3  30,000  $200.00  $0.006
 6  60,000  $300.00  $0.005
 12  120,000  $400.00  $0.003

Denotes Best Value

Email Newsletter Stats Summary

  • Basketball Manitoba issues its weekly email based newsletter to all web registered members of our Association called 'The FastBreak'.
  • The newsletter currently hits over 10,000 subscribers directly and grows by 3-7 new subscribers a day.
  • The newsletter is a snapshot of the week's news and events surrounding basketball in Manitoba.
  • The newsletter is HTML-rich capable of handling both text based and image based advertisements
  • The newsletter is traditionally issued 52 times a year on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Special editions of the newsletter are also issued for certain breaking news or events outside of the Tues/Wed release.
  • FastBreak Newsletter Archive

FastBreak Newsletter Advertising Rates (all prices shown in Canadian dollars)

Issues  Months  Emails Delivered  Rate  Cost per View 
 4  1   16,000  $100.00  $0.006
 12  3  48,000  $200.00  $0.004
 26  6  104,000  $300.00  $0.002
 52  12  208,000  $400.00  $0.001

Denotes Best Value

Other information 

  • All banners appear in a highly visible location of all pages (top center) and are linked directly to your website.  Our system will instantly generate stats on the number of times it has been viewed and clicked.
  • We will send you regular updates on the views and clicks your ad is receiving.
  • You can modify the appearance of your ad with us as needed.
  • Banner ad sizes are all 468x60 (WxT) pixels in size and can be in the .jpeg, .gif or .png formats (sample size below).  
  • We can create your banner ad within minutes!  Just provide us a copy of your company / association logo, website address and we'll do the rest!

To have your ad appear on the Basketball Manitoba website, please contact Adam Wedlake today!

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