As part of its commitment to providing a transparent and equitable Provincial Team selection procedure, there is a need for a consistent policy to protect the integrity of the Provincial Team program and its coaches.  Under this new approach, Basketball Manitoba will strive to produce a competitive program that stays true to the Long Term Athletic Development Model.

Provincial Team Selection Policy - Effective April 1, 2012 and beyond
  1. The Provincial Team Selection Committee will be made up of... I. Board of Director responsible for High Performance; II. Basketball Manitoba High Performance Coach; III. Other neutral members of the basketball community approved by the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors.

  2. To aid the Coaching Staff during tryouts, the Staff will invite coaches (with Board approval) to help manage the evaluations and provide feedback to the coaching staff.  The High Performance coach and the Director of High Performance will recruit members of the basketball community in good standing to the Selection Committee.

  3. The Selection Committee will seek to create Provincial Teams which take into consideration choosing players to best compete for a medal for the upcoming summer where at the same time providing opportunities to develop future talent.      

  4. After the final tryout, the Coaching Staff will provide a list of their final 15 players to the Selection Committee for consideration.  The Selection Committee will then provide a final approved list of 15 players back to the Coaching Staff who will then determine the final team roster of twelve (12) team members and two (2) practice players, and a final cut.  

  5. Final roster decisions will be made by June 1 or as determined by the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors.

  6. The final approval of the Provincial Team roster will rest with Basketball Manitoba through the High Performance Coach, Director of High Performance and the Selection Committee. 

  7. Any appeals to this process will be directed to the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors for their final review and decision.

For information on the program, please go to the Manitoba Provincial Team page

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