Welcome to the Manitoba Club Basketball Championships!  We are pleased to offer basketball teams from around Manitoba the opportunity to participate in a spring basketball championship.  The Manitoba Club Basketball Championships are open to any club basketball team and traditionally run in May.

May 12-15, 2022 - Winnipeg

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Posted May 9, 2022

  1. Overview
  2. Dates & Ages
  3. Player & Team Eligibility
  4. Coach / Volunteer Requirements
  5. Rules & Regulations
  6. Fees & Travel Subsidy
  7. Hotel Options
  8. Register & Live Summary
  9. Contact


Interested coaches and players from Manitoba are encouraged to establish a team that fits into one of the below-defined age divisions. 

Coaches must register online and have full payment into Basketball Manitoba by 

Friday, April 22, 2022, at 4:30 pm OR when an age division reaches its cap of 8 teams.  


This year's Manitoba Club Basketball Championships will be offered for males and females in the following categories: 

Males - Age Eligible / Birth Years
  • 13U Male - Born in 2009 or later (age 13 & under)
  • 14U Male - Born in 2008 or later (age 14 & under) 
  • 15U Male - Born in 2007 or later (age 15 & under)
  • 16U Male Born in 2006 or later (age 16 & under)
  • 18U Male - Born in 2004 or later (age 18 & under) 
Females  - Age Eligible / Birth Years
  • 14U Female - Born in 2008 or later (age 14 & under) 
  • 16U Female Born in 2006 or later (age 16 & under)
  • 18U Female - Born in 2004 or later (age 18 & under) 
Age eligibility is based as of December 31, 2022


All completion venues will be played on full FIBA regulation-lined hardwood surfaces with square glass backboards.  
  • Sport Manitoba Courts (aka Canada Games Sport for Life Centre)
    • 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba
    • 3 indoor basketball courts
    • Venue Map
  • University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre
    • 400 Spence Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • 3 indoor basketball courts
    • Venue Map
  • University of Manitoba Investors Group Athletic Centre
    • 75 Sidney Smith Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • 3 indoor basketball courts
    • Venue Map

  • Any Winnipeg-based club team created from a ‘selection’ process must rate themselves a '3' (out of 5) or higher at the point of registration.
  • Any rural-based teams or any teams currently playing in the WMBA Community Club leagues, rural or urban have the choice to rate themselves anywhere from 1-5 at the point of registration.
  • All athletes listed on the roster form must be the correct age for the category entered.  Teams found falsifying birth records will be immediately ejected from the championships with no refunds issued. 
  • An athlete may play up an age division, but cannot move down to a younger age division. No exceptions. 
  • Athletes may participate on only one (1) team in the tournament.  The player is considered 'committed for the championships' once the online registration has been submitted to Basketball Manitoba.  
  • Teams must consist of a minimum of 8 athletes to a maximum of 15 athletes.  No exceptions.
  • Basketball Manitoba reserves the right to reclassify teams into the appropriate division based on their past performances and based on the overall tournament entry numbers.  
  • All teams must register with a minimum of one non-playing head coach (including at the 18U level) in order to be eligible for the championship. 


  1. RESPECT IN SPORT.  All teams must have any coach (including head and assistant) sitting on the team bench complete the online 3-hour Sport Manitoba Respect in Sport program by the start of this event. Basketball Manitoba will verify for full completion of the RIS Program. If you had completed this 5 years ago or later, you must re-certify again with the new material. Teams who have not met this requirement will not be permitted to participate in this event. Complete the course online at http://ris.basketballmanitoba.ca.
  2. COACHING GENDER REQUIREMENT.  A minimum of one member of each coaching staff (not including managers or trainers) is to be of the same gender of the team they are coaching (i.e. girls teams must have a minimum of one adult female coach on the bench at all times and boys teams must have a minimum of one adult male coach on the bench at all times).  Ideally, this person is a member of the coaching staff or at a minimum can be a same-gendered parent of one of the team members and must be present on the team bench for the duration of the game.  Failure to comply will see the game in question defaulted to the opposing team.    
  3. COACH CERTIFICATION.  Head coaches, in their 4th year and beyond with the team, must complete their respective NCCP certifications. Information is at http://nccp.basketballmanitoba.ca
  4. COACHES COACHING MULTIPLE TEAMS.  Basketball Manitoba strongly suggests that each team have its own coaching staff. Due to the large size of this tournament and multiple sites, Basketball Manitoba is not able to make any special schedule requests to accommodate coaches working with multiple teams.   

  • RULE SYSTEM: All games will be played using the current FIBA rule system.
  • GAMES: Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. All tournaments will be “round robin” plus playoffs.
  • OFFICIAL BASKETBALL: The official ball of all Championships with the Wilson Evolution basketball.
  • RUNNING TIME: Basketball Manitoba reserves the right to change a game to 'running time' format in the 4th period if there is a difference in score of 30 points or more.  
  • RESPECT IN SPORT: Each team must have a coach who has completed the Respect in Sport certification program prior to the tournament beginning.
  • CONDUCT: All team members and supporters are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times during the tournament.  Basketball Manitoba reserves the right to eject anyone or team from the event with no monies refunded who does not conform to these expectations. 
  • UNIFORMS: Uniforms will NOT be provided to teams.  Teams are expected to provide their own reversible uniforms (or have access to two sets of different colours) of the same colour/ style with numbers on the back at a minimum (front numbers are preferred as well). Teams are to adhere to the current undergarment rules. Please reference the 'Club' column.  
  • TOURNAMENT SIZE: Tournaments will be capped at a maximum of 8 teams per age category - register sooner than later!
  • PAYMENT: Team entry fee payment will be accepted online and in the form of an eTransfer or major credit card.
  • AWARDS: 1st and 2nd place teams will receive individual awards.

Club Basketball Championships On-Court Rules & Regulations


The tournament entry fee is $475.00 per team

In order to assist those teams who will be travelling to Winnipeg, Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer a travel subsidy.  The kilometres listed are for a one-way trip to Winnipeg.  Please indicate on the application how many kilometres you estimate your team to travel.  The kilometres start at the perimeter of Winnipeg.  All distances are subject to verification.

  • Travel Rate 1 - 25 to 99 km - reduce the fee $75 = $400.00
  • Travel Rate 2 - 100 to 249 km - reduce the fee $125 = $350.00
  • Travel Rate 3 - 250 to 499 km - reduce the fee $175 = $300.00
  • Travel Rate 4 - 500+ km - reduce the fee $250 = $225.00

Refunds will not be given to teams that have participated in the tournament for any reason including disciplinary reasons.  Teams preregistering for the tournament can request a refund PRIOR to the tournament schedule being released.  Once the tournament schedule is released, no refunds will be given to teams paying any tournament fees or bonds to Basketball Manitoba.  A flat $25.00 administrative fee will be retained on all refunds.  Special consideration will be given for family-based emergency situations that caused the problem.


Team Travelling to Winnipeg for this year's Manitoba Club Basketball Championships have the following options to consider for their lodging needs.  Some of the hotel flyers may have older event dates, but the hotel specs and rates would be very similar today. Game venues will include the University of Winnipeg, Sport Manitoba Courts (both downtown), and the University of Manitoba (south Winnipeg). VIEW HOTEL OPTIONS HERE...


The below information will be updated every 5 minutes with the latest teams registered in the tournament.  A hard cap of 8 teams per age category will be in place for this year's event.  The below information is sorted by Age Division.

    To view this information properly on a smartphone, rotate your device to a 'landscape' position to see all the data.

Scroll up, down, left and right in the below window to see all the data.

Scroll up, down, left and right in the above window to see all the data.


Each team must register online and submit the appropriate registration fee to the Basketball Manitoba office no later than Friday, April 22, 2022, at 4:30 pm OR when an age division reaches 8 teams. The above team registration summary will show the latest data at all times.  Your team is considered registered once you submit your registration form AND payment has been received by Basketball Manitoba.  Team entry fee payment will be accepted online and in the form of an eTransfer or major credit card.

Register your team now to avoid disappointment!


For more information on the Manitoba Club Basketball Championships, please contact Tiffany Peape.
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