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 Basketball Manitoba, along with our members and partners, has a large number of officials development opportunities for all levels of basketball referees. Whether you are just starting out or looking to make refereeing an avocation, we have something for you!  

There are many benefits to officiating. It is a way to give back to the community and provides a unique opportunity to positively influence young people. It helps develop interpersonal skills and sharpens one’s judgment skills. You must make instantaneous decisions, handle pressure, and resolve conflicts. It’s also a way to stay involved in sports, stay in shape, make some money, and most importantly make lifelong friendships.

 Basketball is a tremendous sport that can be officiated for a lifetime.  Many referees are former players whose passion for the game didn't end when their playing careers did.  Many continue in the sport to give back to the next generation of players the benefits and opportunities they received when they were younger. We are here to get you involved in a fantastic sport as a referee. You have come to the right place to grow your passion for basketball!  

 Why Referee Basketball?
  1. To stay involved. Is your playing career starting to wind down? Refereeing is a fantastic way to stay physically involved in basketball, stay active, and spread your passion and knowledge to others.  Its also a great way to acquire a new or different perspective about the game
  2. To give back. Many current basketball referees played the game at one time. They now recognize that they had a person who stepped up and made a difference in their lives when they were young. This is your chance to give back to the next generation of basketball players.
  3. It’s fun. Spending time with young athletes and helping them develop in a sport we love is FUN.   Getting back on the court as a referee will give you a new burst of physical and mental energy and can be a highlight of your day.
  4. It’s rewarding. Meeting the challenges of managing players in a competitive environment and seeing young people develop skills over a period of time to become better basketball players is very rewarding.  Basketball officiating is a great part-time job that can fit your availability during the evening or on a weekend.  
  5. It’s social. The fraternity of basketball referees in Manitoba is wide and diverse.  Getting involved in a leadership role can open many other doors for you, be it in the workforce or other opportunities.  

 Where can I referee?

There is a huge demand in Manitoba for basketball referees.  With more and more players getting involved at all levels of the game, the need for people to get involved as a referee grows as well.  To begin as a basketball referee, you must be at least 15 years of age and attend a MABO or Basketball Manitoba certification clinic on an annual basis.  Once you have attended a clinic, you may begin officiating at the WMBA or Junior / high middle school level immediately.  Officials at the Senior Level can advance to work at the high school, college, university and senior basketball levels. 



 You can find out about all our official's resources, services and development opportunities in the above ‘OFFICIALS’ drop-down menu.  

If you can’t find what you are looking for or need more help, contact us!   Thanks for stepping forward and getting involved as a basketball official!



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