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Please contact Adam on the following Basketball Manitoba Programs and Services...
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  • Website & Technology
  • Membership
  • Governance & Board of Directors
  • Insurance Claims
  • Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Rule interpretations & gymnasium specifications
For general inquiries on Basketball Manitoba or our programs and services,
please contact Tiara Licsi


Before contacting us, please check out the following common questions get to help answer your question.  If you still need more, please feel free to contact us!

1. I have a child who wants to start playing basketball.  What options do I have?   

2. I got injured in a basketball game and need to make an insurance claim.  How do I do this?   

3. I want to start refereeing basketball.  How do I get started?  

4. I want to start coaching basketball.  What resources do you have to help?  

5. I want to get involved with basketball but may have some financial difficulties to do so.  What options do you have?