Looking for a new pair of basketball shoes?
As with any footwear, the first rules should always be fit and comfort, and basketball shoes are no exception to those rules.

However, since a person's body goes through so many different movements when playing basketball, finding a proper shoe is of utmost importance.

Things to Look for in Basketball Shoes

Whether you're playing on a concrete court in a public park, or on the floor of a first class gymnasium, your shoes are going to get a work out. Look for quality brands and materials that will stand up to all of the up and down the court action you're bound to encounter.

Stability Support and Cushioning
Of course, your basketball shoes are going to need first class stability, so, look for shoes that feature mid-foot, heel and ankle support, as well as a quality lacing system.

During a game, you're going to sweat. Look for basketball shoes with uppers made of leather, nylon, mesh, or other breathable material to remain as cool as you can.

When not in use, keep your shoes in a cool dry place to allow them to dry out.  A damp shoe will deteriorate much quicker over time!

It’s not unheard of for a young person's feet to grow a size or more over the course of a season.  When buying, it may be wise to get a shoe a 1/2 size bigger to anticipate this.  Wearing an extra pair of socks can help with this size difference and can help reduce the wear and tear on the foot.

A good shoe is only as good as the sock that goes in it!  Look for 100% cotton sport socks and consider wearing 2 of them to prevent blisters and foot problems.  Some sport socks come with padded soles, which can help absorb some of the pounding a foot takes while playing.

Half of the fun in buying basketball shoes is in getting a pair that looks great, and makes all your buddies jealous!

Brands To Look For
There are dozens of brands of basketball shoes on the market.

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