Basketball is a tremendous sport for players, coaches and officials to participate in!  To ensure the game is managed properly with the proper score, time and other important aspects being managed, we need focused individuals to act in the Minor Officials role (or scorekeepers).  A minor official table crew typically consists of 2 people or in some cases, 3 people.   All games require one person to operate the scoreboard and one person to complete the scoresheet.  In the case of a shot clock, a third person is required to operate that clock.

To support those asked to be Minor Officials at a basketball game. Basketball Manitoba has created a general overview document to aid you in your role.  Below you can find an overview of the responsibilities with a 1-page document detailing this along with showing you a completed sample scoresheet.


The Basketball Manitoba Scoreboard Video Series features 3 different videos which detail the finer points on how to properly manage the score sheet, score clock and shot clock.  Each tutorial video runs for about 5-7 minutes and provides the most important points that a person in that role needs to know to perform their duties in a proper manner.  With the school basketball season just getting underway, the timing of this new resource is perfect to help out your program now!

Stat TrackersThe videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed directly there, or on the Basketball ManitobaMABO and StatTrackers websites.  The presentations can also be seen on the Basketball Manitoba Scoreboard app.  Future printings of the basketball score sheets used in Manitoba will also have references to the video series printed on them.

If you are responsible for finding and training minor basketball officials at your school or club, please share this information with all your people!  The videos have been developed to be viewed on either a desktop, tablet or smartphone.  An idea would be to have a new person who is doing your score keeping watch a video prior to the game on their smartphone. 

Find the video series below or at...


Basketball Manitoba along with StatTrackers has released a series of quick-reference guides for popular brand score clocks commonly used in Manitoba as an aid to minor officials.  The four popular brands of score clocks include OES, Sportable, Nevco and a portable scoreboard unit.

It is recommended that all facilities with one of the below clock brands view and print the one-page reference guides and place them on the score table for each of your home games.  Specific items addressed for each model of clock include common functions such as...
  • Starting a new game
  • Setting the clock
  • Scoring
  • Fouls
  • Resetting fouls
  • Timeouts
  • Adjusting the shot clock
  • Corrections 
  • And more...





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