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EVENT SOLD OUT: Basketball Manitoba Awards Coming This Saturday

TICKET SALES CLOSED: Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the details including the Graduating All-Star Rosters for the annual Basketball Manitoba Awards that are set for Saturday April 19, 2014 the Victoria Inn Hotel at the new gymnasium at St. Paul's High School in Winnipeg and will feature players and coaches at the high school basketball level from this past year who had outstanding seasons!  The day features the boys and girls A-AAA and AAAA Graduating All-Star games and a banquet to announce and present the Players of the Year, All-Manitoba Teams, Coaches of the Year, Carl Ridd, Mike Spack, Jim Bulloch and Ron Meyers Awards and other special recognition awards.  Deadline to reserve your banquet tickets is Wednesday April 16 at noon!  For details on the Graduating All-Star Team Rosters and banquet ticket order process...

Sisler Spartan Club Classic Basketball Tournament Coming May 1-3 for 13U / 17U Female Teams

Sisler High School has announced it will be hosting the Sisler Spartan Club Classic Varsity Girls' Basketball Tournament Fundraiser, Thursday May 1st to Saturday May 3rd 2014.  This tournament will be for 13U and 17U girls basketball teams.  Each tournament will have 8 openings so please accept this as an invitation to apply for a spot into the tournament.

Tournament Details:

  • Each division will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.
  • First match will be played Thursday evening at 4:30 PM.  
  • Player of the game awards, and tournament medals will be provided for the Finalist and Championship teams.  

Tournament cost for the 13U Division is $225.00.

Tournament cost for the 17U Division is $300.00 

If interested please contract Michael Tan by email at mj_allentan@hotmail.com indicating your interest.  An email will be made to acknowledge your acceptance into the tournament.

WATCH LIVE STREAM: Chad Posthumus Selected to Compete in Portsmouth Invitational April 16-19

Winnipeg basketball stand-out at Morehead State, Chad Posthumus has been selected to complete in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament this weekend.  The PIT is an annual event that invites 64 of the best college basketball players (seniors) from across the NCAA to participate in a four-day, twelve game tournament in front of representatives from every NBA team.  Over the years the PIT has been a showcase for five of the 50 greatest players in NBA History (Rick Barry, Earl ‘The Pearl” Monroe, Dave Cowens, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen) and for many others who have gone on to NBA stardom.   The team that Chad has been selected to join includes...


Coaches: Ben Moore & Dennis Koutoufas
NBA Assistant Coach: Vladimir Stepania

Chad Posthumus
Morehead State
#40 Center 6'11" 265 lbs
4th in nation in rebounds (10.9 rpg)

Will Neighbour
Arkansas-Little rock
#31 Forward 6'10" 225 lbs
Stretch four averaged 16.3 ppg

De'Mon Brooks
#33 Forward 6'7" 230 lbs
Two-time Southern Conf. Player of the Year

Okaro White
Florida State
#35 Forward 6'9" 204 lbs
In foue NIT games; 17.3 ppg, 7.8 rpg

Sean Armand
#21 Guard 6'5" 200 lbs
Led team in scoring (17.5 ppg)

Andre Dawkins
#20 Guard 6'5" 215 lbs
Blue Devils' three-point specialist

Langston Galloway
Saint Joseph's
#23 Guard 6'2" 202 lbs
Mountain West Player of the Year

Patrick Miller
Tennessee State
#12 Guard 6'0" 189 lbs
5th in nation in scoring (23.7 ppg)

View the FULL LIST of players invited.

More information on the event can be found at https://www.portsmouthinvitational.com/



DEADLINE APRIL 25: Club Basketball Provincial Championships Coming May 8-11, 2014

Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce details on the 2014 Club Basketball Provincial Championship set for May 8-11, 2014 in Winnipeg.  The 4 day event will occur at the University of Manitoba IGAC and University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre and involves male and female teams in the 14-19 age range. Deadline to register a team is Friday April 25, 2014 at a fee of $325 per team.


T2C UPDATE: All Four NCCP Basketball Coach Certification Courses Set for May 2-4 in Winnipeg

TRAIN TO COMPETE COURSE UPDATED DATES, TIMES AND FEE: Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce it will be hosting another offering of the NCCP 'Fundamentals', 'Learn to Train', 'Train to Train' and the 'Train to Compete Skills Module', courses on the May 2-4, 2014 weekend in Winnipeg.  These new offerings replace the old NCCP Level 1-3 Technical and Theory courses and are for coaches working with athletes from 5-18 years of age.  These levels are also required for all coaches who are interested in coaching in their respective future Provincial Team or Manitoba Games levels.  The courses will comprise both classroom and on court sessions and will focus on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) review, mental training, practice planning, competition planning, fundamental movement skills, technical movement skills, offensive and defensive concepts, practical application, and a debrief evaluation.  Register for each clinic below...  

Manitoba Provincial Team Tryouts Announced for May 23-25, 2014

Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announced details on the upcoming Provincial Team Tryouts for the upcoming summer. The tryouts for the program will occur May 23-25, 2014 at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre.  The summer of 2014 will see a total of 6 Provincial Teams formed at the male and female 17U, 16U and 15U.  All 3 female teams will compete in the Tri-Prov Tournament in Regina, the Nike National Invitational in Chicago, Illinois (NCAA certified event), and the Canadian National Championships in Edmonton (NCAA certified event).  All 3 male teams will compete in the Tri-Prov Tournament in Regina, the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis, Indiana (NCAA certified event), and the Canadian National Championships in Edmonton (NCAA certified event).

This summer's program reveals some changes to the Provincial Team program with the try-out dates now starting in late May.  Both the male and female programs with be attending two major NCAA certified tournaments.  Canada Basketball in partnership with the national Provincial basketball organizations have moved the National Championships into the late July NCAA evaluation period to now permit U.S. college coaches to join Canadian University and College coaches the opportunity to attend and evaluate the red-hot Canadian talent that has been impacting the women's and men's NCAA basketball scene.  The female teams will attend the most prestigious stop on the summer evaluation tour July 9-13, the Nike Summer Showcase in Chicago.  The male teams are attending the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis, which was voted the best tournament of the 2013 summer with famous alumni and over 450 teams converging on the mid-west town July 9-13.  All 6 provincial teams (male and female) will also attend the FIBA warm-up tournament in Regina, the Tri-Prov Invitational July 4-6.  This tournament includes the provincial teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Junior Bison Boys Basketball Tournament Wraps Up

This past weekend saw the 10th Annual Junior Bison Boys Basketball Tournament run in Winnipeg for boys club teams at the grade 5-12 age range.  A total of 47 teams took part in the 3 day tournament, playing a total of 99 games.  More information along with event photos can be found at...



Junior Bison Basketball Club

Special Olympics Manitoba Provincial Basketball Team Seeking Competition

The Special Olympics Manitoba Provincial Basketball Team is looking for local teams to play this spring as it prepares for its national championships this July in Vancouver.  The local Special Olympics team is made up of 10 (9 males and 1 female) of mostly adults, representing Manitoba for the first time at National Games this summer.  As their ability is higher than the other Special Olympics teams in Manitoba, the team is seeking other challenging teams for them to play.

Dates:   May 1- June 26th.
Times: Thursdays, 6:30- 7:30pm
Location:  Burton Cummings Community Club – 960 Arlington

If you are part of a team, or know of a team that would like to come out and challenge the Special Olympics Manitoba Provincial Team, please contact Susan Lamboo at 925-5626 or slamboo@specialolympics.mb.ca.   The Varsity level would be a good fit, but open to all.

More information on Special Olympics Manitoba can be found at... http://www.specialolympics.mb.ca/

Notice of Basketball Manitoba AGM - June 11, 2014

Active ImageBasketball Manitoba has announced that it will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday June 11 at Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Avenue at 7:00 pm.  The meeting is open to all Basketball Manitoba member associations and to the public.  Details include...

Unequal Playing Time in Youth Sports


The One Sport Voice blog recently posted an article titled Why is unequal playing time the norm in youth sport? In the article, Nicole Lavoi advocates equal playing time for all players up until age 12, regardless of competitive level.

I posted a comment in response, but for whatever reason my comment didn’t make it past the moderation filter. But hey, one advantage of having my own blog is that I DO get the opportunity to comment! So here we go.

Although I don’t fully agree with Nicole’s perspective, she raises a good question, “Why shouldn’t every child receive equal playing time in organized youth sports?”

In competitive organized youth sports, there’s undoubtedly a wide range of opinion held by parents and coaches regarding playing time (and the overall merits of this form of play). I’m not going to address this side of the issue except to make two points.

  • First, in some (most?) team sports there is an inherent conflict between the greater number of kids needed to conduct productive practices and the smaller number required to field the most competitive player rotation in a game. On a basketball team, for example, coaches usually consider ten to fifteen players the ideal number for practices. But in a competitive game, coaches typically prefer to rotate 7 or 8 players in and out. To optimize a team’s chance to succeed, coaches (and many parents) understand the above reality and why playing time will likely be unequal in a more competitive setting.
  • Secondly, I would suggest that as long as coaches are honest and transparent with parents about the overall opportunity that they will afford a child, less playing time for some is okay. On most youth sports teams, there is usually a mix of players who are at different stages in their development (age, skill, etc.). For those who are slightly younger, inexperienced, or less skilled, they may initially benefit from smaller roles that don’t overwhelm them. As they get older and improve, their playing time will likely increase and possibly exceed that of their newer, younger teammates. (This is especially true of programs where teams are comprised of both younger and older kids.)
Regarding sports programs that DO emphasize equal participation, there are instances where a coach may believe it’s best to play one child somewhat more (or less) than others. To this point, here’s the comment I submitted:
“Without wading into the waters of older, more competitive youth sports, the goal of providing players with equal playing time in participation based programs is a good one.

But even in this setting, there are qualifiers to an approach of simply dividing playing time up equally.

Most team sports require a certain level of competence in key positions. Without a minimum level of performance in these positions, the play can disintegrate resulting in NO FUN for many of the other players.

For example, a competent point guard in basketball is needed to handle the ball against pressure and make good passes to his or her teammates. Likewise, a good “big-man” is needed to provide a young team with second shot opportunities (there are MANY missed layups).

In the pursuit of equal playing time, taking out a key player can ruin the play for others. It also can diminish the self-esteem of a young player who does not yet possess the necessary skills to play a certain position. This is even more evident when teams are not equally matched in terms of talent and age (something that regularly occurs in the real world of organized youth sports programs).

I generally prefer an approach that builds individual paths to success—especially for kids in the 10 to 13 age group. Teach Everyone Everything in practice, but tweak playing time as necessary in games so that everyone is placed in the best position to succeed. (I discuss this approach in several articles on my Inside Youth Sports blog.)

Yes, the emphasis is on equal playing time in each game. But the goal of equal playing time may also be achieved over the course of a season, with better players possibly getting a little more playing time against the tougher opponents, while the weaker and younger players receive more time against lesser opponents. The goal is to challenge players, but not put them in situations where they are destined to fail. Unfortunately, some parents only look at each individual game in judging whether their son or daughter is receiving equal playing time.

Like many other issues in youth sports, the equal playing time one is magnified by today’s youth culture that places so much emphasis on adult-run organized youth sports. Promoting more opportunities for children to engage in self-directed play (e.g., pickup games) would enable kids to naturally get the “equal playing time” they need to develop their skills and have fun.”

As I was finishing this post, I saw a tweet referencing an older MomsTeam article that expressed similar sentiments to the One Sport Voice article. The MomsTeam article also includes several reader comments that express varying views. It’s a worthwhile read. The article’s main anecdote highlights an instance of questionable coaching behavior that touches on several issues including: The Coaches Kid Always Plays, coaches who are too win-oriented (and consequently distort the intent of playing time guidelines), and not reducing playing time for those who consistently miss practices. But I would disagree that the remedy for these instances is across-the-board equal playing time in all youth sports programs.

Finally, one “equal playing time” practice that I didn’t see mentioned in these other articles, is mandatory substitution stoppages. These provide coaches with a reminder and easy opportunity to get players into a game. This practice works well within the participation oriented basketball leagues in which I coach. In addition to asking coaches to substitute players at the end of each quarter, play is also stopped half-way through each quarter. In the younger leagues, coaches are not permitted to substitute players except at these points. This helps ensure that players stay in the game even when things start to go bad.

The above approach can also improve substitution patterns in more competitive programs. A variation of this practice is successfully used in my YMCA’s more competitive middle school basketball league. (Coaches can freely substitute players in the 2nd and 4th quarters.)

Do you have any thoughts on the best approaches to playing time in youth sports programs?

Source: Steve Nash Youth Basketball Coaches' Blog http://ift.tt/1hLwskC

REMINDER: University of Manitoba Announces Bison Coaching Summer Institute for July 2014

The University of Manitoba has announced a new opportunity in Coaching Education. "Coaching the High Performance Athlete A & B" are two 3 credit hour university classes that apply to both your NCCP certification and count as elective credits for teachers working on their Post- Baccalaureate Education degrees. During the first 2 weeks in July 2014, Coaches can learn about advanced coaching knowledge, get professionally certified and work towards completing a degree at the University of Manitoba.

Teaching the course will be Kirby Schepp of the Men's Basketball Program.  Kirby (MEd, Coaching) has 22 years experience coaching at all levels from young children and high school ages to University teams and National Teams. He has a Masters Degree in Coaching from the University of Victoria and he is a certified NCCP Master Learning Facilitator. Coach Schepp has been involved in coach education both locally and nationally for the past 15 years mentoring coaches from grass roots to high performance. He is currently the Head Coach of the Men's Basketball team at the University of Manitoba.

For more information about the courses, please visit:



Providence Men's Basketball to Host Open ID Camp on April 20

The Providence University College Men's Basketball Team has announced it is hosting an Open ID Camp to identify potential athletes to play at the College level.  Providence competes in the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) and in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) in the USA.  The NCCAA is equivalent to NCAA Div 3. If you are interested in attending please contact Head Coach Colten Gryba.

Date and Time:
Sunday April 20th
2:00 - 4:00 pm

10 College Crescent, Otterburne,MB

Athletes are asked to bring a water bottle and a reversible top

Information and Questions can be emailed to Coach Colten Gryba at mensbasketball@prov.ca

Oak Park's Shawn Pallister Commits to Wesmen Women for 2014-15

Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s Basketball head coach Tanya McKay has announced the commitment of Shawn Pallister (Oak Park High School) to the University of Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s Basketball program for the start of the upcoming 2014-2015 Canada West season.

Pallister a 6-1 post averaged 12 points and 13 rebounds per game for the Oak Park Raiders this past season. She played an integral part in helping the Raiders reach the semifinals of the 2014 MHSAA AAAA Provincial Championships. Pallister was named a Tournament All-Star at the Oak Park Raiders Tournament this past January and was named an honourable mention in the Winnipeg Sun’s Annual Coach’s Poll of the Top High School Girls’ Basketball players in Manitoba. In 2013 she was a member of the Oak Park team that won the MHSAA Provincial Basketball title.

“We are very pleased Shawn will be moving on to play with Coach McKay and the Wesmen program. An exceptional athlete with tremendous upside, she will have the opportunity to grow as player and student at the University of Winnipeg”, added Oak Park Raiders Girls Basketball head coach Murray Brown.

Pallister was a proud member of the Manitoba U17 Provincial Team that captured a bronze medal at the 2013 Canada Summer Games held in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

An accomplished student, she is an honour roll student and serves as a Graduation retreat group leader at Oak Park.

“We are very excited Shawn has chosen our Wesmen program for her University basketball career. At 6-1 and still growing, Shawn will make an impact with her size, rebounding and passing abilities. A very talented athlete who is just on the edge and ready to blossom into a very good University basketball player”, said Wesmen women’s basketball head coach Tanya McKay.

WMBA Releases Rising Stars Spring League Schedules; Seasons Begin April 15

The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association has released the Rising Stars Schedules for its 2014 Spring League which will begin April 15.  The Community Club schedules will be posted late next week for games starting on April 26-27. For all schedules, go to http://www.wmba.ca for more details.

DEADLINE APPROACHING: Sport Manitoba Announces Scholarship Opportunities for Athletes & Coaches - Deadline April 30

Sport Manitoba and Coaching Manitoba has announced details on 3 different athlete and coach scholarships that are available to Manitobans entering or at the post-secondary level.  The Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships, Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarships and the Coaching Manitoba Bursary offer support in the range of $500 to $3000 to a successful candidate.  Deadline to apply is Wednesday April 30, 2014.  For details and to apply...

Athlete Initiative Program Hosting Basketball Fundraising Game in Regina on April 19

The Athlete Initiative program has announced details on it plans to to host the "Battle of the Border" All-Star Charity Basketball Game in support of Crystal Heisler's Battle Against Cancer on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan.  The special fundraiser is in support of Crystal Heisler, an ex University of Regina Cougar who was a part of the Cougars Gold medal Championship team in 2001. The "Battle of the Border" All-Star Basketball Game will run Saturday, April 19th, 6:00pm at the University of Regina, (CKHS), featuring a collection of ex - CIS players from their representing province. While both rosters will boast some incredible athletes who have played in the CIS for their respective teams, (Manitoba Bison, Winnipeg Wesmen, Regina Cougars and the Saskatchewan Huskies), Manitoba and Saskatchewan's hometown heroes will rally together to play high level basketball when they battle it out in hopes to raise money and awareness for Crystal Heisler and her treatments against cancer.

Saturday, April 19th, 6:00pm at the University of Regina, (CKHS)
Admission: Adults $15, Students $10
Silent Auction, 50/50 Draw, "$5 half court shots," shoot to win prizes (open to spectators)

Team Manitoba All Star Roster
Manitoba Roster Commitments (still to be determined):

  • Amy Ogidan (Oak Park Alumni, Wesmen Alumni, Cdn Ntl Jr. Team, U15 Provincial Coach 2014)
  • Alex MacIver (Garden City Collegiate Alumni, Wesmen Alumni)
  • Uzoma Asagwara (St. Norbert Collegiate, Wesmen Alumni, Academic All-Canadian, Rookie of the year, CIS Silver/2 Bronze Medal, Sr. WNT)
  • Melanie Schlichter (Glenlawn Collegiate, 2004-2009 Bison Alumni, Alberta Panda Alumni/ Bronze Medal)
  • Charmaine Walker (Izzard), (Sisler High School, Wesmen Alumni, CIS Silver/1 Bronze Medal)
  • Randie Gibson (Balfour Collegiate, Wesmen Alumni, 2006-2011)
  • Kelsey Solarchuk (Oak Park Collegiate, Played 2008-2013, Bobcat Alumni and Wesmen Alumni)
  • Melanie Talastas (St. John's Collegiate, Wesmen Alumni, 2002-2007, 2 CIS Silver & 2 CIS Gold medals)

Team Saskatchewan All Star Roster
Saskatchewan Roster Commitments (still to be determined):

  • Carmen Stewart (Thom, Cougar Alumni, CIS 2 Silver Medals)
  • Lara Schmidt (Balfour Collegiate, Cougar Alumni)
  • Brittany Read (Balfour Collegiate, Cougar Alumni, CanWest Gold 2013, CIS 3 Silver Medals)
  • Cymone Bernauer (Bouchard), (Balfour Collegiate, Cougar Alumni, U of R All-time scoring leader, steals leader, National developmental team, 2X FISU games team, CIS National champion '01, CIS Bronze '02, CIS Silver '04, CIS defensive player of the year 03', CIS NanCop Winner '04, played professional in Denmark for 1 season)
  • Megan Chamberlin (Campbell Collegiate, CanWest Gold 2013, CIS Silver 2013) Leah Levy (Anderson), (Winston Knoll, Cougar Alumni,2000-2005. Part of gold medal team 2001, Bronze 02, Silver 04. U of R co-MVP 2005)
  • Gabrielle Gheyssen (Cougar Alumni, Player for Cougars 2005-2010)

*The unique collection of ex CIS players will have you on the edge of your seat as you get to witness an exciting game all for a great cause.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Businesses and individuals who want to participate will pledge a certain amount of ($ money) per basket made by the choice of the pledger. Ie) XYZ Company pledges $1/ per Saskatchewan basket made.

*The pledgers teams (final score), will determine the total money pledged by the business or individual. IE) Saskatchewan Final Points: 80 x $1 = $80 towards cause, (XYZ Company will donate $80 towards Heisler).

*Businesses who choose not to pledge can purchase sponsorship for event, read more below.

This event is aimed to raise basketball excitement in Regina's community as well as the awareness of Cancer. Come down to support your local hometown heroes while supporting a great cause.

GOLD: $125
+ Logo on all programs printed
+ Pre-post program mention in game script, each time out/halftime, (business promotions)
+ Logo on official program brochure and thank you
+ Opportunity to display 2 x 4 foot company banner on court baseline
+ 2 Free tickets to event
+ Official game poster: 1 Group photo of athletes who have participated in the event (give 3 weeks for printing and shipping)

Please email or call Suki Chhoeun, if you would like to be an official game sponsor at info@athleteinitiative.com or 204-990-8582.

Thank you, and we will see you on Saturday, April 19th, 2014.

Warm regards,

Athlete Initiative

The half time show will consist of a 3pt shoot out between the MB allstar chosen in which she will go head to head against a Sask Allstar chosen. They will be given 1 minute to sink as many 3pt shots as possible, and the amount made will be added to the running score.. Please contact info@athleteinitiative.com


Source: http://athleteinitiative.com/openevents.html

Preslie Cross to Join North Bay Ontario's Nipissing Lakers in Program's Inagural CIS Season

There are more challenges you can count for a coach starting a new program and that rings true for Nipissing Lakers women’s basketball head coach Marg Jones, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t planning on success.  Jones has been hard at work, on the road and working the phones trying to find the right group of student-athletes that will make up the first ever Lakers women’s team.

Jones is happy to announce that guard Preslie Cross and Stacey Brookshaw have signed with the Lakers and will be part of the inaugural season, 2014-15.

Jones said she’s excited to bring in these two student-athletes because she knows they’ll perform on the court and be strong ambassadors for the program off of it.

“Both Preslie and Stacey are the quality of student-athlete that I am looking to bring to Nipissing. They demonstrate the skills and leadership on the court and the academic integrity in the classroom that will define the Lakers Women’s basketball program,” Jones said. “The quality of coaching that both of these girls have been exposed to in their high school and club careers has readied them for the next step to CIS basketball. They both recognize the challenges that lay ahead for them, and are excited and committed to doing the work required to build a competitive program.” 

Cross, a Winnipeg, Man. native, is coming off a city championship she won with her high school team, Glenlawn Collegiate, and is now in search of a provincial title.

“I am very excited to become a Laker and represent Nipissing in the OUA and I am thrilled to be a part of the first team ever. I think it is an honour to become a part of Nipissing’s first Women’s basketball team and I look forward to the opportunity,” Cross, who will be majoring in anthropology, said. “I am a high energy player who brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the team. I spend many hours in the gym trying to improve my skills and gamer play. I like to play an up tempo running game and I love to play tough defense. I bring leadership and team spirit to the team.”  

Cross has impressive experience as she was a provincial finalist in Grade 9 at the AAAA level with Glenlawn, as well as a junior varsity champion in Grade 10 and provincial finalist once again in Grade 11.

She is also a member of the Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club, (coached by former national team point guard Martin Riley) the Manitoba Centre of Performance, was a Junior Bison Basketball Club team member from Grade 8 to 10 and will be playing for Manitoba at the 2014 North American Indigenous Games in Regina, Sask. coming up in July.

“As a high school recruit I know I will face a learning curve in terms of adjusting to the physical style of play in the OUA and CIS. I plan to work hard until season starts getting stronger and more fit so I can contribute to the team,” she said. “As a first year team we may face some challenging moments but I expect us to be competitive with the other OUA women’s basketball teams.” 

Cross is joined by Brookshaw who is a five-time Stratford Central Secondary School athletics MVP, thanks to averaging 15 points and five assists per game during her time there.

“Being part of the first ever Lakers women’s basketball team is such an honour. An opportunity like this doesn’t come around very often and I’m so excited to be a part of it,” Brookshaw said of signing with the Lakers. “I look forward to learning and building my skills as an all-around player. We have a challenge ahead of us entering the CIS and OUA, but I could not be more excited to take the challenge on.”

She was also named to the Huron Perth All-Star team three consecutive years, on top of playing for the Stratford Revolution where she claimed a U17 provincial silver medal and a U19 provincial bronze medal.
Brookshaw just earned a gold medal at the 2014 London 86ers Tournament and received the all-around tournament all-star with the Revolution.

She received a letter from the USA Junior Nationals Basketball selection committee to compete in the 2014 USA Junior Nationals Michigan/ Canada All- State regional basketball preliminary.

“As a player I will bring a lot of vision of the court to the Lakers team. I can fit into a number of styles of plays and hope to create opportunities for my teammates and myself,” Brookshaw said, describing herself as a player. “Having the support of my team and trust in my team on and off the court is something I know being a Laker will bring and is so important to be successful.”

Both players come to the Lakers with a solid basketball background and a high skill level that is going to make the program instantly credible and give Jones some weapons to use to be successful right off the hope.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to coach Stacey and Preslie moving forward. From our very first contact I knew that they were two young women that would be a perfect fit for our program and I welcome them to our Lakers Women’s Basketball Team.”

Source: http://athletics.nipissingu.ca/news/Pages/Cross-and-Brookshaw-announced-as-Lakers-inaugural-recruits.aspx

Logan Biccum and Natalie Vachon Commit to Brandon Women's Basketball

Brandon University has announced that Virden basketball stand-outs Logan Biccum and Natalie Vachon have both committed to the Brandon University Bobcats  women’s basketball team.  The soon to be Virden Collegiate Institute grads have had very similar basketball careers to this point, and that trend will continue when both suit up for the Bobcats come this fall.

“They’re kids who love to play basketball and that’s evident in their approach to the game,” says Bobcats coach Novell Thomas. “They’ve had some great coaching from Adam Hartman early in their careers and then Stephen Densmore in high school. Both are players that have the desire to get better. It’s tough to say where they’ll fit in right now because a lot can happen over the next few months, but I expect them to immediately compete for roster spots.”

Both are members of the Virden Golden Bears that captured the AAA Manitoba Provincial Championship this past year. Both will play in the Manitoba graduating all-stars game on April 19, and both have participated in countless basketball camps and clinics across the region and province.

Making the jump from high school ranks to CIS is something both players are looking forward too.

“I really like this school, and I really like Novell as a coach,” says Biccum. “The way the team turned around this year makes me really excited to come here. The fact that it’s a great school and close to home just makes it very comfortable here.”

“I’ve thought about playing university basketball a lot,” says Vachon. “I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. I’ve always liked Brandon University. It’s close to home and also knowing the coach and taking part in camps here, this program has always been a part of me.”

On top of team accomplishments, both players have also enjoyed individual success on the court until this point in their basketball careers.

Vachon, a 5-foot-6 guard, was the player of the game for the AAA Manitoba Provincial Championship final while Biccum, a 5-foot-9 forward, earned the same honour in the championship semi-final.

Biccum was a tournament all-star in the AAA Provincial tournament and was named MHSAA Tri-Star Athlete of the Week in January of this past year. Vachon was the champion of the inaugural Bobcats New Year’s Basketball Classic 3-point challenge this last winter.

For more information on Brandon University Bobcats Athletics visit:

Source: http://www.gobobcats.ca/news/2014/4/10/WBB_0410140713.aspx

UPDATED: 3on3 Spring Basketball Tournament Set for May 16-17 at U of W Duckworth Centre

UPDATED: The Acceptance Student Group in partnership with the University of Winnipeg Student's Association has announced details on their first annual 3 on 3 Spring Basketball Tournament set for May 16-17, 2014 at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre.  The fundraising event will see proceeds go towards supporting mental illness and care.

DATES: May 16-17, 2014
TIMES: Friday 5:00 - 9:00 pm & Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
LOCATION: University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre
PARKING:  Free street parking after 5pm Friday.  Two hour street free parking on Saturday (please note all parking signs)
TEAM SIZE: 3 on 3 with one sub (total 4 players per team)
AGES: Ages 10+ (see more in registration form)
COST:  $20 per team
DEADLINE: Tuesday May 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm
PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded to the top team finishing in each division.
FORMAT:  All will be half court games.  Each team will play 4 games.  All games will be played within their Division. All Games go to 21 points OR 25 minutes, which ever comes first. Only 1 sub out per game.

For more information a to register, contact Mike Chin (Tournament Organizer) at the UWSA at michaeldavidchin@gmail.com