Outdoor basketball courts weather a lot of wear and tear! Find one in your community that needs a little sprucing!

Enhance a Basketball Court
  1. Suggested Number of Volunteers: 5-10 
  2. Skill Level: Moderate 
  3. Time: 3-5 hours
Why is this a good project for build day?
Painting is always a fun volunteer project. A finished painting project always provides a sense of accomplishment and very little expertise is needed to contribute successfully to the project.

  1. 1 gallon of primer/sealer
  2. 1 gallon of paint (for center court logo only, colors vary)
  3. 1 quart white paint
  4. 1 box of painter's rags
  5. 5-10 1"-3" paint brushes
  6. 3-5 1/4"-3/4" artist brushes
  7. 2 4" rollers
  8. 2 4" roller covers
  9. 2 7"-9" rollers
  10. 2 7"-9" roller covers
  11. 2 4'+ roller extensions
  12. 10 paint buckets
  13. 2 paint trays
  14. 1 roll duct tape
  15. 1 roll caution tape
  16. 1 pressure washer
  17. Stirring sticks
  18. 1 pencil
  19. Scissors
  20. Poster board (for center court logo only) 

  1. Wash and prime court. Pressure washing the area is preferable. Contact your
  2. local hardware store (such as Home Depot) tool rental options for
  3. availability. If you do not have access to a pressure washer, use a
  4. hose and high-powered nozzle and sweep with a broom afterward. 
  5. Let the surface dry completely before you begin priming.
  6. Prime the court one day before your vent using a clear concrete primer and rollers with extensions.
Line Painting  
  1. Decide if you will use solid or dotted line-both are acceptable! 
  2. Dimensions may vary slightly, depending on the age of players. 
  3. All line markings are white and 2 inches wide.
  4. Here are some guidelines:
    • An NBA and official college court is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide. 
    • A High School court is 84 ft long and 50 ft wide. 
    • A Junior High court is 74 ft long and 42 ft wide. 
    • Half court is ... half the distance of the full court!

  • Including the official court markings recognized in Manitoba plus a detailed optimum basketball facility specifications document

Center Court Mascot or Logo
  1. Make a stencil out of poster board. An artist should trace a simple design on the poster board and cut certain sections out. 
  2. Use duct tape to hold the stencil in place. 
  3. Using a small artist's brush, trace the outline onto the pavement. 
  4. Once the outline is clearly marked, begin filling in the design with the appropriate colors. 
  5. Use a small brush for touching up at the end of the day! 
  6. Block area off with caution tape. 

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