Basketball Manitoba Safe Sport Policy


  1. Terms in this Policy are defined as follows:

  1. “Athlete” – An individual who is an athletic participant in Basketball Manitoba 

  2. Maltreatment” – As defined in the Code of Conduct and Ethics

  3. ”Participants” – Refers to all categories of individual members and/or registrants defined in the By-laws of Basketball Manitoba  who are subject to the policies of Basketball Manitoba , as well as all people employed by, contracted by, or engaged in activities with Basketball Manitoba  including, but not limited to, employees, contractors, Athletes, coaches, instructors, officials, volunteers, managers, administrators, committee members, parents or guardians, spectators, and Directors and Officers

  4. “Vulnerable Participants “– Includes minors and vulnerable adults (people who, because of age, disability, or other circumstance, are in a position of dependence on others or are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by people in positions of trust or authority)


2. This Policy describes how Basketball Manitoba aims to provide a safe sport environment. 

Commitment to a Sport Environment Free from Maltreatment

3. Basketball Manitoba makes the following commitments to a sport environment free from maltreatment:

  1. All participants in sport can expect to play, practise, and compete, work, and interact in an environment free from maltreatment. 

  2. Addressing the causes and consequences of maltreatment is a collective responsibility and requires the deliberate efforts of all participants, sport stakeholders, sport club administrators and organization leaders. 

  3. Participants in positions of trust and authority have the general responsibility to protect the health and well-being of all other participants. 

  4. Adult participants have a specific ethical and statutory duty and the additional responsibility to respond to incidents of maltreatment involving minors and other vulnerable participants. 

  5. All participants recognize that maltreatment can occur regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, Indigenous status, or level of physical and intellectual disability and their intersections. Moreover, it is recognized that those from traditionally marginalized groups have increased vulnerability to experiences of maltreatment. 

  6. All participants recognize that individuals who have experienced maltreatment may experience a range of effects that may emerge at different time points and that can profoundly affect their lives. 

  7. All adults working with children and youth have a duty to prevent or mitigate opportunities for misconduct. 

  8. In recognition of the historic vulnerability to discrimination and violence amongst some groups, and that continues to persist today, participants in positions of trust and authority have a duty to incorporate strategies to recognize systemic bias, unconscious bias, and to respond quickly and effectively to any discriminatory practices

Conduct Standards

4. Basketball Manitoba has adopted a Code of Conduct and Ethics that describes standards of conduct and behaviour for all participants. General standards of conduct apply to all participants and specific standards are described for positions within the organization. The Code of Conduct and Ethics will have specific stakeholder sections, including but not limited, to:

  1. Athletes

  2. Coaches

  3. Officials

  4. Volunteers

  5. Directors and Committee Members

  6. Parents and Spectators

5. The safe sport policies will contain detailed definitions of key terms, including:

  1. Maltreatment

  2. Harassment

  3. Discrimination

  4. Workplace Harassment

  5. Workplace Violence

Social Media

6. Basketball Manitoba has adopted a Social Media Policy that describes standards of conduct that are expected on social media by participants. The Social Media Policy indicates specific conduct standards and risks that are common and/or exclusive to social media. 

7. The Social Media Policy highlights the importance of responsible coach-athlete interaction on social media and provides examples of violations of conduct standards.

Athlete Protection


8. Basketball Manitoba will adopt a comprehensive Screening Policy that requires some participants to pass a screening process before being permitted to interact with athletes. The Screening Policy will:

  1. Categorize positions in Basketball Manitoba as ‘Low Risk’, ‘Medium Risk’, and ‘High Risk’ and require progressive screening measures for individuals serving in each category of risk

  2. Describe how frequently some participants must obtain a criminal record check and which type of check(s) they must obtain

  3. Describe how frequently some participants must submit Screening Disclosure Forms and Screening Renewal Forms

  4. Empower a Screening Committee to prohibit participants who do not pass screening from participating in certain positions 

  5. Empower a Screening Committee to attach conditions to a participant’s participation in certain positions

9. Basketball Manitoba has developed Athlete Protection Guidelines that can be used by coaches, managers, medical personnel, and other Persons in Authority. Basketball Manitoba may provide training on the policy and take steps to ensure the policy is being implemented. Basketball Manitoba will conduct a regular review of the policy to add and/or modify new content as appropriate.


10. Basketball Manitoba will regularly provide information to participants about resources and training related to athlete protection. Resources and training opportunities can include:

  1. NCCP modules

  2. Respect in Sport

  3. Commit to Kids

  4. Red Cross – Respect Education Courses

  5. CAC Safe Sport Training

Dispute Resolution

11. Basketball Manitoba will have a comprehensive suite of dispute resolution policies that will include:

  1. Discipline and Complaints Policy

  2. Appeal Policy

  3. Dispute Resolution Policy

  4. Whistleblower Policy

12. Taken together, the suite of dispute resolution policies will include the following features:

  1. An independent individual to whom complaints can be submitted

  2. Sanctions for violations of conduct standards

  3. Mechanism for suspension of individuals pending the conclusion of the process

  4. Non-biased and experienced case managers, decision-makers and/or investigators

  5. Protection from reprisal for submitting complaints 

  6. Anonymity for the complainant in cases of whistleblowers, to the maximum extent possible

  7. Independence of appeal procedures when appeals are permitted

  8. Opportunity for alternative dispute resolution

  9. Investigations of complaints as circumstances merit


13. Basketball Manitoba will retain records of decisions that have been made pursuant to its policies. These records may be shared with other individuals or organizations, including but not limited to, national sport organizations, provincial/territorial sport organizations, multi-sport organizations, and government entities.

Governance and Operations

14. Basketball Manitoba will have a comprehensive plan in which athlete protection and safe sport are top priorities for the organization.

15. Basketball Manitoba has adopted a Risk Management Policy that describes how it will address risks ranging from ‘Unlikely’ to ‘Almost Certain’ and from ‘Minor’ to ‘Catastrophic’. Basketball Manitoba will contemplate risk management strategies that retain, reduce, transfer, and/or avoid the risk. Risks can occur in the following areas:

  1. Operational/Program

  2. Compliance

  3. Communication

  4. External

  5. Governance

  6. Financial

  7. Health and Safety

16. Basketball Manitoba will pursue a governance structure and organizational culture that reflects the diversity of the athletes and stakeholders within the sport, that adheres to all applicable federal and/or provincial/territorial legislation, and that moves toward a national alignment strategy for the sport in Canada.

17. Basketball Manitoba will continually monitor and evaluate its policies, practices, and procedures. 

Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors Approval Date: January 30, 2023

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