Basketball Manitoba is pleased to share news of an initiative currently underway in Winnipeg's inner city to get basketballs in the hands of children who could greatly benefit from such sporting equipment. The 'Basketballs for Inner City Kids Project' was started in 2006 by Dennis Bayomi, a community club basketball coach and employee in Community Health Sciences at the U of M medical school. Noting a lack of opportunities for kids in the inner city, with donations from friends and co-workers, he helped distribute over 1000 basketballs to children and clubs in inner city neighborhoods since its inception.
The program is in need of more volunteers and financial resources.  Those interested or able to help can contact Dennis at 888-6336 or

Project organizer Dennis Bayomi commented, "During my visits to the schools, it's become all the more obvious they really need our help.  From the principals' reports, the kids were ecstatic to receive a
basketball at the end of their time at those schools!  I'd especially like to see us be able to fix up and expand their outdoor basketball play areas for next year!"

"Full Court Fundraising Drive" for Inner City Kids project

Basketballs for Inner City Kids is starting its "Full Court Fundraising Drive", hoping to raise funds to pay for the 150+ basketballs it distributed this past summer, and to help purchase several dozen more for programs including Rossbrook House's inhouse basketball league.  For more information, please visit our website at - donations can be made by cash, cheque, or PayPal. People looking to support the project can make a donation to the cause to the right side of the screen!

For further information, please contact:

Dennis Bayomi
Basketballs for Inner City Kids Project Coordinator
(P) 204-888-6336

- or -

Adam Wedlake
Basketball Manitoba – Executive Director
(P) 204-925-5773
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