The 2019-20 WMBA Divisional Championships will take place March 8-22. Each team will be guaranteed 2 games within their division. You can find the tournament draws below:


  1. Teams are seeded based on results from WMBA league games played in the current season.
  2. All WMBA on-court and Fair Play rules are in effect for all playoff games.
  3. If a game is tied after regulation time, a 3-minute overtime period will be played (1-minute running time, 2 minutes stopped time) until a winning team has been determined.
  4. All Fair Play and regular substitution patterns will continue into all overtime periods.
  5. Teams are asked to be ready to play 15 minutes before the scheduled game time.
  6. The top team is designated 'Home' and is to wear light uniform colours if possible.
  7. Refer to 'Gym Maps' at for help finding your gym.
  8. Playoff Results will be updated regularly on the Master Schedules

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