By: Dr Dean Kriellaars & Sport for Life

These are a series of short videos (one to six minutes duration) designed to help you create a quality physical literacy experience for your participants in your practice or programs. Each video focuses on key components to assist you in understanding physical literacy and how it is important to consider in your programming implementation. Supplementary information and resources are provided after each video.

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#7 The End Goal – Meaningful Participation
Each person has a journey, and we want it to be physical whether that is in vocation, recreation or just activities of daily living. All we really want is for a person to meaningfully be able to participate in activity.

Supplemental InformationThe New Model for Intervention
#8 Motor Competence and the Gender Gap
Motor competence is a core feature of physical literacy. Equipping children with motor competence in a diverse set of movements is key to developing PL and equipping them for the PL journey. Motor competence develops with age when a child is exposed to and participates in repetitions. Sadly, our culture does not provide for adequate repetition based learning for girls resulting in a highly undesirable gender gap.

Supplemental Information
Motor Confidence and Gender Gap
Strike with Stick
Kick Ball
Run a Square
Confidence in Performing
The Cycle
Breaking Competence
Motor Competence: Male and Female

#9 Confidence Is Building
This video outlines the key features of creating a setting which will develop confidence in children.

Supplemental Information 
Successes and Failures

Source: Steve Nash Youth Basketball Blog
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