Introducing the V-Cut to youth will help them to understand how to create space between the defender and themselves. The V-Cut drill is very simple to teach and helps them to improve creating separation through fakes, hesitations, and change of pace.
The drill can be done either with a defender or without one, based on how advanced the group is. Pay attention to which hand(s) players are using at each side of the basket. Take a look at the video below with Coach Michael Collins doing a demonstration with his kids, incorporating a drive to the basket to finish off his variation of the V-Cut drill.

The V-Cut Layup Drill

  1. Assign a passer, who will begin with the ball at the top of the key/3-point line
  2. Assign a cutter, who will begin at one of the wings, and a defender to guard the cutter
  3. All other players will line up off the court
  4. The cutter works to separate themselves from their guided defender
  5. Rotate players through positions (defender to cutter to passer) before joining the line
  6. Execute the drill from both sides of the court
SKILL FOCUSOffense, Cutting, Passing
AGE (STAGE)6-12 (FUNdamentals, Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENTAt least 1 basketball
  • If players struggle to get open, remove the defender to focus on the movements
  • Adjust the starting spots of the cutter and passer to make use of the whole court
Phase C
  • Include a 1-on-1 possession (ending in a shot and rebound) for more advanced groups
  • Have players make a read on the best option based on how their defender is playing them

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