This drill is designed to develop and improve elevation and extension when rebounding. Wall Taps encourages players to work hard and not give up, challenging their highest jump.
When running this drill, coaches should ensure players keep their arms raised for the entire drill.
  • Have players space out around the gym facing a wall without a basketball
  • Before starting, players should raise their arms straight above their head
  • On the whistle, player will jump as high and as fast as they can
  • On each jump, players will tap the wall with BOTH hands
  • Have players note their highest jump; use that as a goal for each other jump
  • Play for short timed rounds, then reset
  • Initiate Phase A (see Variation below)
  • Initiate Phase B (see Variation below)
SKILL FOCUSRebounding, Balance
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals), 9-12 (Learn-to-Train)
  • Introduce a basketball to the drill and have players tap the walls with basketballs
  • Make sure players are loading up their legs and exploding up to the wall
  • Use this as a conditioning drill for athletes
Phase B:
  • Introduce a guided defender and have players wall tap under pressure
  • On the coach’s whistle, have players land in quarterback stance and switch with the defender
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