A good twist to a popular game without the dangers of the original one, newspaper dodge-ball helps to work on the kids dribbling abilities while keeping them moving, active and engaged.

This game is very simple to teach and learn with the goal in getting the players moving using movement skills as a warm-up. For initial set-up, divide the group into two teams with everyone dribbling a basketball and half the players with newspaper balls in the other hand.
  1. On the coach’s cue, the player with the newspaper balls are trying to hit the other players without the newspaper balls
  2. Players must maintain their dribble while throwing
  3. Once hit by a newspaper ball, that player must do an action (which is decided by the coach). For example:
    • Do an activity before rejoining the group
    • Join the other team
    • Exchange places with person who hit you with the ball
SKILL FOCUSBall handling, movement
AGE (STAGE)9-12 (Learn-to-Train Stage)
EQUIPMENTBasketballs and balls of newspaper
  • Ensure players are maintaining their dribble as they move around the floor
  • Ensure players are keeping their heads up and staying low to move quickly
VARIATIONSTo increase the difficulty:
  1. Have players throw with their non-dominant hand only
  2. Allow players to pass the newspaper balls within their teams
  3. Allow tagging players only rather than throwing
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Source: The SNYB Blog https://ift.tt/2yGEyL7
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