VIEW EVENT PHOTOS: The 11th annual Hoops From The Heart event in support of inner city kids went off on Wednesday night without a problem as 150 inner city kids and their supervisors cheered for some outstanding men’s and women’s basketball games at the Duckworth Centre at the University of Winnipeg.

Before the games, the kids also enjoyed a meal of pizza (provided generously by Boston Pizza) and butter chicken (generously provided by Clay Oven) with juice boxes and plenty of other goodies accompanying (generously provided by Pratt’s Foods). Yum yum!! They also were styling in this year’s Hoops From the Heart collector T-shirt and took home their very own basketball signed by one of the players!

Two exciting basketball games, some very happy inner city kids and plenty of media coverage during the games from CBC and we can safely conclude another highly successful event! Eleven years of Hoops From The Heart is a long time and its long-lasting success is entirely a result of the generous sponsorship provided each year by the compassionate individuals and companies listed below. THANK YOU!!!

Congratulations to Brian Penner who was the winner of the autographed Steve Nash Phoenix Suns jersey!

An endowed Scholarship at the University of Winnipeg and another at the University of Manitoba are now permanent legacies of all of our partners and supporters to allow inner-city youth to attend each University and play basketball there in the future. We have much for which to be proud - a tremendous community of support here in Winnipeg! THANK YOU AGAIN!


The Hoops From The Heart Organizing Committee

Trevor Ahluwalia (Clay Oven)
Rob Blaich (St Boniface Hospital Research)
Carter Chen (RBC)
Amanda Doerksen (Youth Alliance)
Karen Ferris (Youth Alliance)
Susan Hirst (St Boniface Hospital Research)
Shawna Kynoch (St Boniface Hospital Research)
Greg Mackling (CJOB)
Keith McCullough (Emcee)
Tom Nicholson (University of Winnipeg)
Ogo Okwumabua (Home Run Sports)
Gail Pierce (St Boniface Hospital Research)
Grant Pierce (St Boniface Hospital Research)
Randy Viray (Randy Viray Financial Services)


The 11th annual Hoops from the Heart basketball games are being held on Wednesday, May 29th in support of inner-city kids.  Do you want to have fun, save lives and help inner city kids?

Hoops from the Heart is an annual event (now into its 11th year) where the best men’s and women’s basketball players in Manitoba play two games at the University of Winnipeg's Duckworth Centre. In the process, 150 inner city kids are there to watch the games, receive a free meal, get their own Hoops from the Heart T-shirt and take a basketball home signed by one of the players. The proceeds of the games have also helped to create a scholarship specifically for an inner city youth to go to either the University of Manitoba or the University of Winnipeg to play basketball.

Watch great basketball and help Winnipeg’s inner city kids!

Help fight heart disease, the #1 cause of death in Manitoba today and show your support for the present and future basketball stars of Manitoba.

Come on out to the University of Winnipeg’s Duckworth Centre on Wednesday, May 29th.
It’s all for a great cause!

  • 6:15 pm: Men’s game - Universities of Manitoba / Winnipeg vs Manitoba All-Stars
  • 7:30 pm: Women’s game - Universities of Manitoba / Winnipeg vs Manitoba All-Stars

This our 11th year of Hoops From The Heart supporting inner city kids in Winnipeg! We have a new format this year for the Women’s game with a full slate of senior All-Stars formally from the U of W and the U of M (and elsewhere) playing the current combined team of women from the U of W and the U of M. Should be exciting to see if the senior grads still have it and if they can keep up with the current stars of today!

The men’s game will feature a bunch of the finest players Manitoba can produce with many of Ogo’s All-Star team composed of pro’s playing in Europe. Can today’s U of M/U of W men blow past Ogo’s O Star Team? Only time will tell and that time is Wednesday night at the U of W Duckworth Centre, 6:15 pm for the Men’s game and 7:30 pm for the Women’s game. Have fun, enjoy great basketball and support inner-city kids. BONUS: A Phoenix Suns jersey autographed by NBA Hall of Famer Steve Nash can be won at the game. It could be YOU!!

Wednesday May 29th, 6:15 pm Men’s Game
U of Manitoba /U of Winnipeg
Manitoba Men’s “O” Star Team
             Men’s Basketball Team

Coaches: Kirby Schepp and Mike Raimbault
Coach: Ogo Okwumabua
Billy Yaworsky
Illarion Bonhomme
Will Sesay
Daniel Sackey
Spas Nikolov
Emmanuel Akot
Emmanuel Thomas
Malik Irwin
Terence Ross
Keith Omoerah
Rashawn Browne
AJ Basi
Joel Adu Quayle
Stephen Wesley
Gregoire Diouf
Jonar Huro
Keiran Zziwa
Peter Lamuro
Cameron O’Hara
Xavier Smith

Kurtis Sansregret

Jamar Farley

7:30 pm Women’s Game
U of Manitoba /U of Winnipeg                                   Manitoba Women’s All-Star Team
             Women’s Basketball Team
Coaches: Tanya McKay and Michele Sung
Coaches: Alyssa Grant and Rebecca Potter
Robyn Boulanger
Alyssa Grant
Mikayla Funk
Joanne Small
Lena Wenke
Danielle Baril
Vanessa Millions
Kerri Kuzbyt
Jillian Duncan
Skylar Boulanger
Faith Hezekiah
Rebecca Potter
Keziah Brothers
Robyn Eyer
Dana Inglis
Tianna Mighty
Addison Martin
Alex McIver
Autumn Agar
Sheree Carmona-Galdamez
Emily Johnson
Allison Balasko
Lauren Bartlett
Sonia Radi

Claire Harvey

Tiara Licsi

Photo credit: Robert Blaich, Communications & Media Services, St. Boniface Hospital Research.

Photo credit: Robert Blaich, Communications & Media Services, St. Boniface Hospital Research.

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