DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS MON SEP 10: The Fort Garry Brewing Super Men's Basketball League has announced they will open their league registration on August 15 for the 2018-19 Season.  Some other league news includes...


2018 Registration Opens August 15th

Team and player registration instructions will be posted to the website prior to August 15th. Team fees will remain the same as the previous year ($2,050.00 including taxes and insurance) and once again there is no default deposit required.

League Branding Change

We have made a small change to the league’s name and as such, you will notice new branding and logos this season which will be unveiled soon. We are thrilled to continue partnering with our wonderful sponsors.

2018 Rule Changes and Updates

The rules and regulations have been updated under the "Information" tab. We would like to draw your attention to two rule changes for this season:

  1. We are introducing a Recreational Men’s Division. Players in the Recreational Division may only play on teams in the Recreational Division. Upper division players may not play or sub on teams in the Recreational Division.
  2. We have updated our rules to include Team Uniform Restrictions, which is a slightly relaxed enforcement of the 2017 FIBA rule changes.
More information and registration can be found at
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