DEADLINE TO REGISTER MON SEP 10: The Winnipeg Basketball League (WBL) has announced they are accepting team registrations for its age 18+ league which will begin later this fall.  This will be the first time University of Winnipeg will host the Women's League under its new name: The Winnipeg Basketball League


Season information 
  • Team Fee: $2,050
  • Registration opened Wednesday, August 15th! Registration instructions have now been posted to the website. Key Points to Remember:1.       The new registration portal will be used for team registration, player registration, and roster management only.
    2.       After that, everything will be handled through our league website (schedules, statistics, news, etc.).
    3.       All players will need to create an account on the registration portal in order to be added to a roster. Answers to frequently asked questions about this are provided in the “How to Register as a Player” document. Please share this document with your players.
    4.       Players who wish to register on more than one team may do so but will need to contact the league coordinators to be added to their additional teams.
     We have tried to make our registration instruction manuals as detailed as possible but we are happy to answer all your questions as we get used to the new registration portal.  Please note that our league does accept schedule requests (specific Sundays your team cannot play, times that work best for your team) and these can be emailed in once your team has registered. Finally, lots of free agents (looking to play both men’s and women’s ball, from Division 1 through recreational), have been added to the free agent list and more will be added as we receive requests. Team captains should browse the list to see if any of these people could help your team!
  • Any questions can be sent to

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