The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is seeking individuals to work as Gym Supervisors who help coordinate the different game sites for the league throughout the season.  Responsibilities will include setting up the gym for basketball and closing down the gym on game days, transporting the Game Site Equipment to and from the gym, assisting parents to scorekeep the games, ensuring the day runs on schedule and acting as a source for information at the games on behalf of the WMBA.

Games are played throughout Winnipeg all day Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.  Gym Supervisors are paid an honorarium of $11.000 per hour worked.  Individuals who are interested in becoming a Gym Supervisor for the WMBA must have access to a vehicle on weekends to transport both themselves and the leagues equipment to and from the site.  Gym Supervisors must also be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible.  Consideration will be given to people who will commit to the entire season and those with knowledge of basketball.  The league begins at the end of October and runs through to March.

If you are interested in becoming a Gym Supervisor, please contact Darcy Coss at 204-925-5774 or email a resume to
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