Over the Labour Day weekend, Winnipeg sent a large delegation of players and coaches to the annual Filipino Basketball Association - North American basketball tournament, which was hosted in Durham, Ontario.  Results and highlights from the weekend are...

Commissioner of FBANA Manny Aranez, who also led the Winnipeg group to the event is pictured with Miss FBANA Princess Wy.

In the Open Ladies division, Winnipeg lost in the semi finals to Mississauga.  The team was led by  Coach Wilfredo Edic and Jocelyn Edic.

The Bantam division saw Winnipeg fall in the semi finals to Vaughan.  The team was coached by Edwin Garing and Ray Macalalad

In the Senior Men's division, Winnipeg was coached by Alvin Mansilungan and ended up a finalist in the division.

In the Peewee division, Winnipeg was a division finalist as well.  Coaches were JL and Jason Masagkay.

In the Men's Open Division, Winnipeg came out on top as the 2016 FBANA Champions!  Leading the team was coaches Rob Adelantar and Danica Salamat

The division was coached by Carter dela Cruz and were division Finalists for 2016.

The Mosquito division, Winnipeg was a divisional finalist and were coached by Jomar Guaring and Mike Ragasa.


Mosquito DIV: Champion - BOLINGBROOK, IL
Finalist - WINNIPEG, MB

Tykes DIV: Champion - DURHAM, ON
Finalist - WINNIPEG, MB

Peewee DIV: Champion - TORONTO, ON
Finalist - VAUGHAN, ON

Bantam DIV: Champion - VAUGHAN, ON
Finalist - TORONTO, ON

Junior Boys DIV: Champion - DURHAM, ON
Finalist - WINNIPEG, MB

Junior Girls DIV: Champion - MISSISSAUGA, ON

Juvenile DIV: Champion - TORONTO, ON

6' Under DIV: Champion - DURHAM, ON
Finalist - WINNIPEG, MB

Open Ladies DIV: Champion - MISSISSAUGA, ON
Finalist - VAUGHAN, ON

Open Men DIV: Champion - WINNIPEG, MB
Finalist - TORONTO, ON

Seniors DIV: Champion - TORONTO, ON
Finalist - WINNIPEG, MB

Masters DIV: Champion - CORAL SPRINGS, FL
Finalist - DURHAM, ON

HOST CITY: FBA of Durham, Ontario
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.fbana2016.com
                      ABILITIES CENTRE, WHITBY
                      PICKERING HIGH SCHOOL, AJAX
                      AJAX HIGH SCHOOL, AJAX

                      MEMBER CITIES: 

                       AUSTIN-SAN ANTONIO TX, USA              MONTREAL, PQ, CANADA
                       BOLINGBROOK, IL, USA                           TORONTO, ON, CANADA  
                       CHICAGO, IL, USA                                      VAUGHAN, ON, CANADA
                       CORAL SPRINGS, FL, USA                         WINDSOR, ON, CANADA
                       DETROIT, MI, USA                                      WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA
                       DURHAM, ON, CANADA                          
                       MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA                  


                       MOSQUITO DIV.          Born 2007 or Younger
                       TYKES DIV.                    Born 2005 or Younger
                       PEEWEE DIV.                Born 2003 or Younger
                       BANTAM BOYS DIV.    Born 2001 or Younger
                       JUNIOR BOYS DIV.       Born 1999 or Younger
                       JUNIOR GIRLS DIV.      Born 2000 or Younger
                       JUVENILE BOYS DIV.    Born 1996 or Younger
                       6' UNDER DIV.              No Age Limit
                       OPEN MEN DIV.           No Age Limit
                       OPEN LADIES DIV.       No Age Limit
                       SENIORS DIV.               Born 1983 or Older
                       MASTERS DIV.              Born 1973 or Older          
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