The Canadian Association of Basketball Officials has announced that its new website is now live at a new address.  Please update your personal bookmarks.

Acknowledgments are being given to Paul Hanson and his development team for all their hard work on this project. Another thanks to Paul Deshaies for his continuing work in translating documents in to French.

A few items to highlight regarding the site:

  • Under the education tab there is a section entitled ask the interpreter where questions can be submitted. Dave Werry will select some of these and provide answers.
  • You will see a members section. Currently it is still under construction but our goal is to develop a secure database so that members update their demographic information and we can use the information to communicate directly with our members. It is important and vital that we share information pertinent to basketball officiating throughout Canada and worldwide as well. In the near future we hope to have this section operational.

Please take the time to check out our new site and as always CABO is looking for feedback regarding the content.
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