The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO) have announced that a new website for the association has been launched for the 2013-14 basketball season.  The new website will add to the communication to basketball referees in Manitoba plus add a number of new features to improve the experience as a basketball official!  Some of the new features include...







  1. A brand new interface and organization of key information including easy access to all certification,evaluationexamsequipment and education services.

  2. A new email newsletter system delivering regular updates to you on a regular basis (subscribe below).

  3. An updated Contact list of MABO Executive and Provincial Council Members.

  4. An updated 'Ask the P.I." feature for all your rule interpretation needs (found on the lower right side of all pages).

  5. A new article commenting feature available at the bottom of all pages.

  6. Direct access to all the FIBA developed rules and interpretation videos.

  7. Quick links to the FIBA rulebooks and other important referee related websites (found in the 'MABO Quick Links' section to the right).

  8. Full archives of all past MABO articles and the CABO Post Play newsletters.

  9. Direct links to all Basketball Manitoba headlines (bottom left) and Basketball Event Calendar

  10. A new 'Find Your Gym' feature.

  11. More items and features are still being added!


View the new site at  

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