The St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation in partnership with the University of Manitoba are hosting a special evening of basketball on Wednesday August 12 at the Investors Group Athletic Centre to raise awareness and funds for two special causes.  All proceeds from the event will go to heart research at St. Boniface Hospital and to the Basketballs for Inner City Kids Project, which distributes new basketballs to children in Winnipeg's inner city.  The event will feature two basketball games at the IGAC with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen taking on an All-Star team comprised of active University and College players from Western Canada at 6:30 with the University of Manitoba Bisons playing at 8:15 pm.  Get out and support a great cause and catch some great summer hoops!  For details...




At 6:30 pm -

The Home Team: The University of Winnipeg Wesmen


Nick Lother               Peter Lomuro            James Horaska

Andrew Rowan        Ben Kingdon              Ryan Willerton

Mike James             Tyler Kohut                 Eric Zimmerman

Brayden Duff            Mark Ridd

Head Basketball Coach: Dave Crook

The Visiting Team: The University College All Star Team #1

Players                                      University/College Team

Kevin Oliver                                Brandon University

Craig Sharpe                             Red River College

Drew Sharpe                             Red River College

Kevin Oman                               Brandon University

Chad Posthumus                       University of British Columbia

Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson     University of Calgary

Tarik Tokar                                 Brandon University

Ryan Froese                               Trinity Western University

Marc Badiou                               Canadian Mennonite University

Jordan Reaves                           Brandon University

Trevor Scheurmann                   University of Victoria

Khas Tokar                                 University of Alberta

Coach: Darcy Coss, Head Basketball Coach, Canadian Mennonite University

    Jon Lundgren, Assistant Coach, Canadian Mennonite University

At 8:15 pm -

The Home Team: The University of Manitoba Bisons


Nathan Dixon             Eric Garcia               Dan Purvis-Collins

Ian Dickey                  Richard Reimer        Kurtis Sanregrat

Jonar Huertas            OJ Opap                   Braeden Speer

Cam Norrie                Nick Miller                 Damian Drzewiec

Trevor Assels

Head Basketball Coach: Kirby Schepp

The Visiting Team: The University/College All Star Team #2

Player                       University/College Team

Xavier Smith             Brandon University

Abe Daniels              University of Saskatchewan

Kyle Vince                 Brandon University

Tim Rossy                 University of Waterloo

Colin Tibbs               Red River College

James Elias             Brandon University

Matt Pierce              Thompson Rivers University

Tyler Pierce             Medicine Hat College

DJ Levy             Canadian Mennonite University

Nick Loewen             Mount Royal College

Coaches: Sukhvir Singh, Head Basketball Coach, Red River College

   Ogo Okwumabua, Assistant Coach, Red River College


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