The Basketballs for Inner City Kids project is now well into its third
year.  It's a totally volunteer-run, non-profit project giving free
basketballs to children in Winnipeg's inner city.  In June, it
distributed over 300 basketballs to graduating Grade 6 students in
eight inner city K-6 schools (Dufferin, Ft. Rouge, Machray, Norquay,
Pinkham, Strathcona, and Wellington) as well as to Grade 5 students at
King Edward elementary school. This brings the total to over 850
basketballs donated since the project was started in Summer 2006. are in the midst of the next stage of the project, installing nets on hoops at some inner city playgrounds. If you'd be interested in volunteering, please e-mail or phone the contact listed below.  And the project is still in need of funds to help pay for the basketballs they've distributed and to purchase nets.  All donations, no matter how large or small are gladly accepted (cash, cheque, PayPal)!

Be sure also to mark Wednesday August 12 6:30pm on your calendars – it's "Hoops from the Heart", an exhibition series at the UM Investor's Centre involving the UM, UW and western Canadian all-star men's basketball teams. Proceeds will go to the St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation and Basketballs for Inner City Kids.

For more information, or to volunteer/make a donation, please contact Dennis Bayomi, Project Founder/Coordinator, via e-mail at, at 888-6336 (H), or visit their website at
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