The Peg City Youth Basketball leagues give club-level players an opportunity to compete in high-level, exciting basketball competitions in various age distinctions from grade 5 through grade 12. Peg City Club Teams will compete for the Championship in a seeded consolation bracket based on power rankings from the regular season.

Peg City Youth Basketball League (CLUB) - Grades 5-8

2023-24 SCHEDULE

  • The season typically will run from October through March on Saturdays
  • *There will be no games during the Peg City Showcase Weekends or Holiday Weekends

Peg City Youth Showcase (CLUB) - Grades 9-12


** PLEASE note the earlier start to this season. We hope to avoid any conflicts with School Ball in December.

  • Showcase 1 - September 23-25 hosted at Dakota and SFLC
  • Showcase 2 - October 13-15 hosted at Dakota and SFLC
  • Showcase 3 - November 3-5 hosted at Dakota and SFLC
  • Championships - November 24-26 hosted at Dakota and SFLC

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