Under the new Manitoba Public Health orders that take effect on Friday, February 12, 2021, that permits indoor "one on one player and coach training to a maximum of 25% capacity of a gymnasium", Basketball Manitoba will permit the following changes to indoor basketball training in all health regions of Manitoba.  All other forms of basketball (group training, team practices, games, tournaments, championships, etc) remains paused under the Red / Critical Health restrictions.  

As part of today's announcement, Basketball Manitoba also, unfortunately, announces the formal cancellation of the 2021 Basketball Manitoba Junior High Basketball Championships that were scheduled for March 22-25, 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic and the impact it has had on the middle school / junior high levels of basketball this season.


Effective Friday, February 12, 2021, individual basketball training that involves NO MORE than ONE (1) COACH and ONE (1) PLAYER at ONE (1) MOUNTED BASKETBALL HOOP will now be permitted. 

  • 6 mounted basketball hoops in a gym can see a maximum of 12 people can be present in the space with no more than 1 coach and 1 player per hoop. 
  • 4 mounted basketball hoops in a gym can see a maximum of 8 people can be present in the space with no more than 1 coach and 1 player per hoop. 
  • 2 mounted basketball hoops in a gym can see a maximum of 4 people can be present in the space with no more than 1 coach and 1 player per hoop.  

Other Restrictions & Notes...

  • Any group training that exceeds the above numbers in a facility will not be permitted. 
  • Athletes are to wear masks in the facility when not training but can remove them while training. 
  • Coaches are to remain masked at all times. 
  • All equipment and hands are to be properly sanitized before and after all training sessions.
  • Equipment including the basketball can be shared by the coach and player during training. 
  • Social distancing (2m) is maintained at all times between the coach and player. 
  • Spectators are limited to no more than one person accompanying the athlete at a time and are to be masked and remain socially distanced from others at all times. 
  • Contact information must be kept by the coach of any athlete they are to work with and may be requested by the facility prior to attending the training session for contact tracing purposes.  
  • Access to washrooms or change rooms may still be limited based on each facility.
  • There is no timeline on the length of the training session but should be scheduled at a reasonable time especially if working with an athlete that has been inactive for some time.
  • The "player" is the one training and the "coach" is the one leading the training and must remain with each other throughout the training session at the same hoop.  
  • Two players cannot enter a facility calling one a coach and one a player.  
  • A player must have a coach with them while training at a hoop at all times.  
  • A coach cannot stand at centre court with 2 or more players at their own hoop training.  The coach must be assigned to only one player at all times and work with them only.  
  • A coach must remain with their player at all times and cannot move to other players (if there are) in the gym.  
  • A coach must be a person with some coaching history recognized by Basketball Manitoba.   
  • The full Basketball Manitoba Return to Play Guidelines with the above exceptions remain in place can be found HERE.  

The portion of the new Manitoba Public Health order that applies to these changes states...

(C.C.S.M. c. P210)
Orders under The Public Health Act

13(2) The indoor sporting and recreational facilities set out in subsection (1) may open for the sole purpose of providing individual instruction if:
  • (a) each person receiving instruction is accompanied by an instructor who is solely responsible for providing instruction to that person;
  • (b) the total number of instructors and persons receiving instruction in any area of the facility does not exceed 25% of the usual capacity of that area; and
  • (c) no more than one person for each person receiving instruction is permitted to enter the facility to observe the instruction. Source
The full announcement made by the Province can be found HERE.  

Please note that the Basketball Manitoba Insurance Program remains paused for any accident claims by its members and only currently carries general liability coverage.  Only participants who are registered members in the 2020-21 membership year are covered under this liability coverage.  All others will participate at their own risk.  

These changes will go into effect on Friday, February 12, 2021, and will remain in place for at least 3 weeks to be renewed or changed on Friday, March 5, 2021.
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