The Brandon University Healthy Living Centre will play host to the 5th annual 'Prairie Cup Challenge' series of basketball games between Manitoba and Saskatchewan's female 15U, 16U and 17U provincial teams.  The event is slated for Sunday, July 7 at the Brandon University Healthy Living Centre located at 2010 Louise Ave on the Brandon University Campus with games between the province's top 15U, 16U & 17U female players.

A total of 6 games will be played as part of a series of exhibition contests in preparation for the Canada Basketball National Championships in British Columbia (15U & 17U) and the Western Canada Summer Games (16U) later this August.

This event marks the 5th time Basketball Manitoba and Basketball Saskatchewan will send their best to play a series of exhibition games in Brandon.

"This is a great opportunity for us to once again welcome and host some of the top basketball players in Manitoba and Saskatchewan," says Bobcats coach Novell Thomas.

"I'm very excited to again see each provinces best players in our very own Healthy Living Centre. There will be many visitors in attendance that have never been to our facility before, so it's great exposure for Brandon University and Brandon University Athletics. It's also a great opportunity for basketball fans in our area to watch some of the best young athletes from Manitoba and Saskatchewan."

Here's the complete list of games to be played at the HLC on July 1: (map below)
      Sunday, July 7, 2019 - Brandon University (HLC)

      1. 10:30 am - 15U Female - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #1
      2. 11:30 am - 16U Female - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #2
      3. 12:30 pm - 17U Female - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #1
      4. 2:30 pm - 15U Female - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #2
      5. 3:30 pm - 16U Female - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #1
      6. 4:30 pm - 17U Male - Manitoba vs Sask - Court #2
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