Basketball Manitoba reminds the basketball community to utilize its online video resource aimed at educating those who act as minor officials in basketball games throughout the province.  The Basketball Manitoba Scoreboard Video Series features 3 different videos that detail the finer points of how to properly manage the score sheet, score clock, and shot clock.  Each tutorial video runs for about 5-7 minutes and provides the most important points that a person in that role needs to know to perform their duties in a proper manner.  With the school basketball season just getting underway, the timing of this new resource is perfect to help out your program now!

Stat TrackersThe videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed directly there or on the Basketball Manitoba, MABO, and StatTrackers websites. The presentations can also be seen on the Basketball Manitoba Scoreboard app. Future printings of the basketball score sheets used in Manitoba will also include references to the video series.

If you are responsible for finding and training minor basketball officials at your school or club, please share this information with all your people!  The videos have been developed to be viewed on either a desktop, tablet or smartphone.  An idea would be to have a new person doing your scorekeeping watch a video before the game on their smartphone.

Find the video series below or at...


The video series is the result of a collaboration between Basketball Manitoba, the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO) and StatTrackers. Basketball Manitoba is grateful to the following people and groups for their support of the development of the series...

Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials
Wes Crymble
Charlie Kurtz
Martha Bradbury

Ness Siemens
Andy Russo

Manitoba Provincial Team Members
Stephen Tackie
Bernard Kankam
Chiranjit Goswami
Alexander Stefanko
Andrei Sansano
Anoush Sepehri
Cameron Macneil
Don Dayrit
Greg Wint
J.C. Aaron
Jerome Santoyo
Joseph Smith
Joshua Auboia
Justin Baldwin
Lamar Everd
Matthew Peter
Matthew Yaworsky
Rodney Mutaasa

Darcy Coss
Tyler Penner
Naoya Takahashi

Neil Noonan


Adam Wedlake
Chris Calitis
Suraj Kanda
Jan Sy
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