This game will teach players to be aware of where they are on the court, while developing coordination skills and ball handling. This game is also very easy to teach and lots of fun for the players. Basket Wall Ball will provide players the opportunity to improve their dribbling skills in a game-like scenario.
To set-up, players should find a partner and have one basketball. Each player is competing against their partner and the objective of the game is to either score or hit the rim/backboard.
The key teaching point of this game is to ensure that players keep their dribble alive and to encourage players to keep their eyes and head up at all times.
DESCRIPTION· One player starts with the ball and tries to dribble towards any hoop in the gym while their partner defends them
· If players lose their dribble, it is a turnover and must give the ball to the other player
· Ensure that players are within 8-10 feet of the basket before they shoot
· Neither partner can score at the same basket more than once in a row
· Players receive 1 point for hitting the rim/backboard and 3 points for a made basket
SKILL FOCUSShooting, Passing, Footwork, Receiving
AGE (STAGE)9 – 12 (L2T)
VARIATION:Change scores for shots (more points for swish, 1 for backboard, 2 for rim)
Allow players to take mid-range jump shots
Have the winners from each group face-off against each other until there is only one player remaining
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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