2017 Canada Games Bronze Medalists - 17U Female Team Manitoba

Mason Kraus - 15U Male All-Canadian
The Manitoba Provincial Team has just wrapped up its summer of 2017.  The 4 teams finished with a Bronze for the 17U Females at the Canada Games, a 5th Place finish for the 17U Males, a 6th place finish for the 15U Female and a 7th place finish for the 15U Males at their respective year end championships.  The Bronze Medal finish for the 17U Female matches the same result from the previous Canada Games in 2013.

Selected at the 15U Male National Championships as an All-Canadian was Mason Kraus for an outstanding tournament.

Basketball Manitoba would like to thank all the players, coaches and parents in the program for their support through the summer and for representing the province so well!



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A recap on the National Championships and Canada Games are...




  • PP = Practice Player
  • HC = Head Coach
  • AC = Assistant Coach

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15U Female
2Katrina RoganFwd5' 11"Winnipeg159Henry G Izatt Middle School
3Macaila RussellFwd5' 10"Winnipeg159Miles Macdonell Collegiate
4Maltha UwambajimanaGuard5' 5"Winnipeg149Acadia Junior High
5Treyah PaquetteGuard5' 3"Winnipeg127ร‰cole Lacerte
6Bethany BalaktsisFwd5' 8"Winnipeg149Sargent Park School
7Alycia SosnowskiFwd5' 9"Winnipeg149St. Maurice School
8Aira AbelloGuard5' 6"Winnipeg149Andrew Mynarski School
9Catherine MarquezGuard5' 6"Winnipeg159Oak Park High School
10Alyssa PorcoFwd5' 11"East St Paul138Robert Andrews School
11Izabella MarquezGuard5' 10"Winnipeg149Grant Park High School
12Abby SmithFwd6' 1"Winnipeg149Dakota Collegiate
13Emily MandaminFwd5' 10"Winnipeg149Dakota Collegiate
PPElizabeth DueckFwd5' 11"Winnipeg148ร‰cole Marie Anne Gaboury
PPMadan FrolekFwd6' 0"Winnipeg159Miles Macdonell Collegiate
HCDarren SampsonHeadWinnipeg
ACJodi SampsonAsstWinnipeg
ACStephen RalkoAsstWinnipeg
15U Male
2Samuel JensenGuard6' 2"Headingley149Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
3Hubert SindikubwaboGuard5' 9"Winnipeg159St. Paul's High School
4Dorien PeiluckGuard5' 10"Winnipeg149Sisler High School
5Kyshawn RamnauthGuard5' 11"Winnipeg149John Taylor Collegiate
6Mason KrausGuard6' 0"Niverville159Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
7Simon HildebrandtGuard6' 4"Winnipeg148Mennonite Brethren Collegiate
8David MutabaziGuard6' 2"Winnipeg159Acadia Junior High
9Daren WattsFwd6' 2"Winnipeg148Munroe Junior High
10Ose IzokunFwd6' 6"Winnipeg1510Vincent Massey Collegiate
11Emmanuel UgbahGuard6' 3"Winnipeg149Elmwood High School
12Lota OfforFwd6' 6"Winnipeg148ร‰cole George-McDowell
14Jonam KazadiFwd6' 6"Winnipeg149St. Paul's High School
PPColin SalzenFwd6' 8"Winnipeg159Henry G. Izatt School
PPJames RaeGuard6' 1"Winnipeg148ร‰cole George-McDowell
PPMatthew ForemanFwd6' 5"East Selkirk148East Selkirk Middle School
HCJon GiesbrechtHeadWinnipeg
ACZach GiesbrechtAsstWinnipeg
ACMike IwanchukAsstWinnipeg
ACRobel FeshasionAsstWinnipeg
17U Female
2Talia PetersGuard5' 5"Winkler1611Garden Valley Collegiate
4Anna KernaghanGuard5' 9"Winnipeg1610Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
5Lauren BartlettGuard5' 4"Winnipeg1510Oak Park High School
6Autumn AgarFwd6' 0"Winnipeg1611Fort Richmond Collegiate
7Lana ShypitGuard5' 9"Winnipeg1610Glenlawn Collegiate
8Vanessa LeeGuard5' 9"Winnipeg1711Vincent Massey Collegiate
9Claire SignatovichFwd6' 1"Winnipeg1610Oak Park High School
10Emily JohnsonGuard6' 0"Winnipeg1610Oak Park High School
11Jillian DuncanFwd6' 0"Winnipeg1611Linden Christian School
12Emerson MartinFwd6' 2"Winnipeg1611Dakota Collegiate
13Deborah NkiasiFwd6' 0"Winnipeg1711Vincent Massey Collegiate
14Niyah BeckerGuard6' 2"Winnipeg1611Vincent Massey Collegiate 
PPSonum SidhuGuard5' 8"Winnipeg1611Fort Richmond Collegiate
PPMikayla FunkFwd6' 3"Winkler1611Northlands Parkway Collegiate
PPFaith ClearskyGuard5' 10"Brandon1610Crocus Plains Regional
HCAlyssa GrantHeadWinnipeg
ACMichael TanAsstWinnipeg
ACStephanie KleysenAsstWinnipeg
17U Male
2Emmanuel ThomasFwd6' 5"Winnipeg1611Glenlawn Collegiate
3Emmanuel AdesidaFwd6' 4"Winnipeg1611Fort Richmond Collegiate
4Ivan MugishaGuard5' 10"Winnipeg1611Oak Park High School
5Shawn MarananGuard5' 9"Winnipeg1711Sisler High School
6Didi DengGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1510Kelvin High School
7Malachi AlexanderGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1610Sisler High School
8Mark TachieGuard5' 11"Winnipeg1711St. Paul's High School
10Tyson JensenGuard6' 3"Headingley1611Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
11Matthew FedakFwd6' 7"Winnipeg1711Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
12Noah DornnFwd6' 4"Winnipeg1711St. Paul's High School
14Kyler FilewichFwd6' 8"Winnipeg1510Vincent Massey Collegiate
15Marcus ForemanFwd6' 8"East Selkirk1610Dakota Collegiate
PPDonald StewartFwd6' 7"Winnipeg1610Vincent Massey Collegiate
PPLamont EverdGuard5' 10"Winnipeg1610Kelvin High School
PPTerrel JordanGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1510Vincent Massey Collegiate
HCGrant RichterHeadWinnipeg
ACKirby ScheppAsstWinnipeg
ACNorm FroemelAsstWinnipeg
ACLuke PennerAsstWinnipeg
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