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On Tuesday June 13 at the 41st Basketball Manitoba Annual General Meeting, the membership voted in a new set of Bylaws that will govern the operations of Basketball Manitoba moving forward.   The new Bylaws have officially replaced the original Basketball Manitoba Constitution that had been in place since the Association's incorporation in 1976.  Revisions to the Constitution had been made periodically over the last 40 years, but they were long over due for a major overhaul to bring them up to modern times.

Also announced at the AGM was the establishment of a new Trans Participant Policy that was passed at the May 29, 2017 Board of Directors meeting.  The new policy officially recognizes for the purpose of registration on gender-based Basketball Manitoba teams, programs or events that a player may register under the gender with which the player identifies.  Details on the policy include definitions, disclosures, doping control, jurisdiction, confidentiality and the application of the policy. This topic will be included at a future Super Coaches Clinic to better educate basketball coaches on the policy plus how a coach can support a player who may approach them on this matter.

The Trans Participant Policy joins over a dozen other Basketball Manitoba Policies that are to be followed by both Basketball Manitoba itself plus all members including leagues, clubs, teams, players, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Details on both new documents can be found at...

Basketball Manitoba Bylaws

Basketball Manitoba Trans Participant Policy

Basketball Manitoba would like to thank Board Members Ross Wedlake and Chino Argueta for their work on developing these documents.

You can view the entire AGM Package that was distributed at the meeting below or by CLICKING HERE...
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