Now that the weather is getting warmer, let’s play some games that involve a little water… Figuratively speaking of course.
Jumping and hopping are two very important Fundamental Movement Skills to the game of basketball. Without being able to do those correctly, athletes won’t be able to shoot, pass, and do certain footwork moves — all of which are Fundamental Sport Skills in basketball.
A great game to work on those skills is Frogs & Fish by Joey from It’s a very simple game that can be used as a warm-up or even as a large group game at the end of a session. There are multiple phases to the game, which aids in progressing the skills at levels your athletes can be comfortable with.
To start, the game has two roles, Frogs and Toads. Each role has a movement: Frogs hop (taking off and landing on ONE foot) and Toads jump (taking off and landing on TWO feet) – see the difference?
The game eventually builds to adding fish into the equation culminating in a big game of tag. There are lots of movement skills that can be introduced in this game’s format that your players will really enjoy! Check out the video below for more on how the game is played!
DESCRIPTIONPhase 1: Have half of the group be Frogs and the other half be Toads. Have them practice their movements around the gym (making sounds if they like). Have them switch roles after a while so they are comfortable with both movements.
Phase 2: Set-up a playing field, similar to a football field with the Frogs and Toads on one side (their Burrow) and beanbags (Flies) on the other end of the area (River Bank). Have the Frogs and Toads work together to try and get all of the Flies from the River Bank back to their Burrow.
Phase 3: Add cones or hula hoops as “Lilly Pads” Every time a player lands on one they need to perform an action.
Phase 4: Add Hungry Fish. Have a couple of players act as Hungry Fish, trying to tag the Frogs and Toads as they cross to get the beanbags. The Frogs and Toads cannot be tagged if they are in the Burrow or the River Bank with the Flies. They can also not be tagged if they are standing on a Lilly Pad. If they do happen to get tagged, they need to switch roles (from Frog to Toad and vice versa). If they get tagged while holding a beanbag, they need to return the beanbag and go back to the start, switching roles.
SKILL FOCUS Movement Skills (Jumping/Hoping, Balance, Coordination)
AGE (STAGE) 6+ (FUNdamentals Stage)
EQUIPMENT Beanbags, Cones, Hula Hoops
VARIATION: You could change the game to be Crabs and Bears where Crabs crab walk and Bears bear crawl. You could have the hula hoops be Rocks, in which the crabs and bears can hide. The Beanbags can also act as Fish.

We love FUNdamental Movement Skills. We especially love FMS games that are fun and promote the skills without the kids even knowing they are working on their movement skills. … Continue reading Game: Frogs & Fish

Source: The SNYB Blog
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