The Academy Basketball Club has announced details on its upcoming tryouts for the 2016 2017 season. Full details on the tryouts and club are:

The Academy's mission:
To be mentors in the education of basketball by bringing opportunities for young basketball athletes at all levels of the game.

The Academy Travel Team:
The Academy is for athletes who are serious about wanting a competitive advantage and want to play at they're next level. The Academy will consist of practices that cover the fundamental development of each player, the team concept, and all aspects of the game. The Academy will give you teachings on what it takes to bring your game to
the next level...

The Academy program is to help players to develop their skill at the highest level. This program is geared for athletes who are serious about improving their skill.  The Academy breaks down each session on different aspects of the game. Such as shooting, dribbling, defense, offense, speed and strength etc. The Academy teaches young players all aspects
of the game. We encourage posts to learn the game of a guard and guard to learn the game of a post, so your knowledge of the game will grow.
Our goal is to provide a well structured learning Academy while inspiring heart and passion, work ethic and improving the game of basketball in our community.
The most important thing you can do for your season...


Try out dates and location:

August 17th-19th

Kildonan East Collegiate 


15$ Registration Fee
Each player must have parent email or phone call to confirm with coaches that the players participating have the parent consent to partake in the event. Also provide thru email or by phone general and emergency contact for each player.
Best of luck to each player.

Contact Info:
Michael Page
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