15U Newfoundland holds off British Columbia and 17U Nova Scotia earn their win against Quebec

15U Men's Recap - Day 2

Newfoundland came out with their upset against British Columbia in Pool B. Newfoundland was up by 8 in the first quarter and they were able to hold British Columbia off. All throughout the second and third quarter, there was less than an 8 point difference for both teams. In the fourth quarter with two minutes left, Newfoundland was up by 12. Finally, Newfoundland was able to close it out 68 – 60.
Leading scorers for Newfoundland were Caleb Sooley with 22 and Caleb D’Entremont, 20. Leading scorers for British Columbia were Victor Radocaj with 13 and both Payton Lum and Peter Li with 11 each. Top rebounder for Newfoundland was Carter Boland with 15. Top rebounder for British Columbia was Victor Radocaj with 13. Both teams matched up on assists with 13 each.

Pool A
New Brunswick snuck past Saskatchewan 60 to 56 (New Brunswick's top scorer: Norman Burry, 15; Saskatchewan’s top scorer: Alan Spoonhunter, 14).

Pool C
Nova Scotia earned their win against Alberta 88 to 79 (Nova Scotia's top scorer: Kellen Tynes, 31; Alberta’s top scorer: Brandon, 25). Manitoba topped Prince Edward Island 83 to 56 (Manitoba's top scorer: Terrel Jordan, 20; Prince Edward Island's top scorer: Logan Maccallum, 10).

Continuing onto Day 3, British Columbia will play host team Manitoba at 1:30pm, Ontario competes against Quebec at 3:45pm, Nova Scotia versus Territories at 6:00pm, and Alberta plays Prince Edward Island. All 15U games will be played in True North RecPlex court on Day 3.

17U Men's Recap - Day 2

For Pool A, Nova Scotia won the battle against Quebec. For the first three quarters, it was a close game with a less than 10 point difference. Nova Scotia had 86 and Quebec 78 with only 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Nova Scotia continued with their lead and won by 6 points. Final score was 96 to 90.
Leading scorers for Nova Scotia were Eli Kraushar with 24; Chase Tynes, 22; and Andrew Milner, 17. Leading scorers for Quebec were Ja’Shonté Wright-McLeish with 22 and Leonardo De Connick, 15. Top rebounders for Nova Scotia were Chase Tynes with 14 and Eli Kraushar with 10. Top rebounders for Quebec were Anthony Felisma with 9 and Ja’Shonté Wright-McLeish, 8. Nova Scotia had 13 assists, while Quebec had 17.

Pool B
Host team Manitoba topped Alberta 106 to 78 (Manitoba's top scorer: Emmanuel Akot, 32; Alberta's top scorer: Adong Makuoi, 15).

Pool C
Prince Edward Island sailed past Newfoundand 86 to 61 (Prince Edward Island's top scorer: Alexander Campbell, 18; Newfoundland's top scorer: Emanue Ring Lual, 29). Saskatchewan took New Brunswick 110 to 70 (Saskatchewan's top scorer: Ja’Shon Henry, 18; New Brunswick’s top scorer: Brett Speedy, 11).

Continuing onto Day 3, British Columbia will play Ontario at 1:30pm, Alberta battles Prince Edward Island at 3:45pm, New Brunswick takes on Newfoundland at 6:00pm, and Saskatchewan play Territories at 8:15pm. All 17U games will be played in the Duckworth Centre court on Day 3.

For more information on the games played as well as future games, please visit www.mensnationals2016.sportingpulse.net.

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