Day 3 wraps up pool play and placements for the 15U and 17U playoffs!

15U Men's Recap - Day 3

Quebec escapes with a victory over Ontario in their double overtime game.  Ontario kept their lead up by at least 3 points throughout the first three quarters of the game. Quebec then matched the score with a buzzer beater at the end of the final quarter making it 71 a piece. With two minutes left in overtime, Ontario took back their lead 83 - 80. Quebec tied the score again with a three at the end with 86. Quebec then took the lead and kept it up with their foul shots and a great assist making it 97 to 92. Ontario tried to fight back with a three, but Quebec finalized the game with a score of 99 to 95. 

Leading scorers for Quebec were Sidney Gauthier with 31; Trenton Dias Maxwell, 25; and Malachi Joseph Alexander, 17. Leading scorers for Ontario were Luka Sakota with 38 and Justice Prentice, 13. Top rebounders for Quebec were Sidney Gauthier with 17 and Trenton Dias Maxwell with 12. Top rebounders for Ontario were Justice Prentice with 7 and Ben Shoveller with 6. Quebec had 19 assists, while Ontario had 18.

Manitoba earn their win against British Columbia 60 to 56. Manitoba’s top scorer: Donald Stewart, 16; top rebounder: Terrel, Jordan with 9; and total team assists: 13. British Columbia’s top scorer: Payton Lum, 14; top rebounders: Victor Radocaj and Payton Lum, 5 each; and total team assists: 15.

Nova Scotia got by the Territories 103 to 32. Nova Scotia's top scorer: Caleb Johnson, 26; top rebounder: Spencer Noel, 10; and total team assists: 22. Territories top scorer: Felix Flamand, 8; top rebounder: Jesse Tobac, 6; and total team assists: 5.

Alberta won over Prince Edward Island Edward Island 80 to 49. Alberta's top scorer: Holt Tomie, 13; top rebounder: Ben Krikke, 11; and total team assists: 19. Prince Edward Island's top scorer: Ian Kerr, 14; top rebounder: Logan McCallum, 8; and total team assists: 8.

Continuing onto Day 4, Saskatchewan competes against Newfoundland and Labrador at 11:15am to start off the playoffs, New Brunswick versus Nova Scotia at 3:45pm, Ontario battles Alberta at 6:00pm, and Quebec play host Manitoba at 8:15pm. British Columbia play Prince Edward Island at 1:30pm for placement. All 15U games will be held at Duckworth Centre court on day 4.

17U Men's Recap - Day 3

Ontario snuck past with a win against British Columbia for the first game of the day. In the first quarter, Ontario started the game off with a lead of 18 to 15, but British Columbia kept it close with a less than a 5 point difference. With four and half minutes left in second quarter, Ontario sunk a three, allowing them to keep their lead 31 to 25. At the end of the first half, British Columbia was able to make their way up and have a lead of 34 to 33. Twenty seconds left in the third quarter, British Columbia with 48 to 50, allowed Ontario to take their lead back. In the final quarter with three minutes and fourteen seconds left, Ontario made sure that British Columbia would not take the win, with a score of 69 to 58. Ontario left the game with a winning score of 78 to 72.

Leading scorers for Ontario were Khaleem Bennett with 21; Jaden Bediako, 14; and Joel Brown, 11. Leading scorers for British Columbia were Grant Shephard with 18 and both Mason Bourcier and Cameron Morris with 14 each. Top rebounder for Ontario was Jaden Bediako with 9. Top rebounder for British Columbia was Grant Shephard. Ontario had 18 assists, while British Columbia had 17.

Alberta got by Prince Edward Island 73 to 65. Alberta's top scorer: Alex Jap, 26; top rebounder: Alex Jap, 14; and total team assists: 20. Prince Edward Island's top scorer: Alexander Campbell, 26; top rebounder: Alexander Campbell, 8; and total team assists: 7.

Newfoundland and Labrador topped New Brunswick 81 to 76. Newfoundland and Labrador's top scorer: Emanuel Ring Lual, 29; top rebounder: Emanuel Ring Lual, 16; and total team assists: 22. New Brunswick's top scorer: Matt Baker, 16; top rebounder: James French, 7; and total team assists: 22.

Saskatchewan sailed past the Territories 112 to 74. Saskatchewan's top scorer: Ja’shon Henry, 31; top rebounder: Alexander Dewar, 10; and total team assists: 30. Territories’ top scorer: Ryan Hindson, 19; top rebounder: Ryan Hindson, 11; and total team assists: 16.

Continuing onto Day 4, Prince Edward Island play New Brunswick at 11:15am for placement. Staring off the playoffs for 17U Finals, Quebec battle host Manitoba at 1:30pm, Nova Scotia compete with Saskatchewan at 3:45pm, British Columbia play Newfoundland and Labrador at 6:00pm, and finally Ontario will play Alberta at 8:15pm. All 17U games will be played in the True North RecPlex court on day 4 with exception to the Manitoba Auebec game which will be played in Duckworth. 

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Photo credit: J. J. Ali Photography
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