Basketball Manitoba is pleased to welcome the over 200 volunteers who have stepped forward to help and be a part of the 2016 Canada Basketball National Championships that are in Winnipeg August 1-6, 2016 at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre, 400 Spence Street (MAP).  The following information has been emailed directly to all the volunteers who have signed up and have been assigned. 

General Volunteer Information
On behalf of Basketball Manitoba and Canada Basketball, THANK YOU for volunteering for the 2016 Canadian 17U & 15U Male National Championships!  We are pleased that you can join us in hosting such a high profile basketball event in Winnipeg!  Nearly 200 volunteers have come forward to make this event a memorable one for everyone!  We all play an important part in turning this tournament into an EVENT! 
Below are a some key points to familiarize yourself with on the event and while volunteering!  Please review them so we can make everyone's – including yours – experience the best possible!
Volunteer Expectations.  Be kind, courteous and polite with co-workers and patrons at the games. Look to assist people whenever possible.
Shifts.  By receiving this general volunteer information document, you have already been in touch with one of our Organizing Committee coordinators with your specific shifts and duties during the week.  If your personal schedule should change during the week, please contact Diana at the Basketball Manitoba office immediately at if you cannot fulfill your responsibilities.  If you are unable to work one of your assigned shifts and you are NOT one of the Minor Officials or Stats Crew workers, we would appreciate you looking to fill your shift with another person such as a relative or friend.
Valuables.  It is highly suggested not bring valuables with you to your volunteer shift.  These include purses, backpacks or anything that cannot be carried in a pocket.  Due to the large volume of volunteers on site at a given moment, we can not provide any storage of any bags or other valuables during your shift.  Do not leave the items in your car as well.  The best place for them is in your pocket or at home. 
Transportation. As National Championships will be hosted at the University of Winnipeg, which is located in downtown Winnipeg, parking will be very limited. Although there are numerous parking spots around and throughout the U of W campus which do require an hourly rate/fee (see map at, we highly recommend taking Winnipeg Transit or carpooling with other volunteers throughout the tournament. Those taking public transportation can use for assistance and be aware that the Monday of the tournament is a holiday and will have limited bus service times. Cyclists can lock their bikes up in the RecPlex parkade by taking their bike down the RecPlex elevator.   
Volunteer Check-In.  All volunteers must report to the Volunteer Check-In at the beginning of every shift. The Volunteer Check-In is located on the 2nd floor Duckworth Centre next to the main admission gate.  On the first day of your shift, you will receive your volunteer t-shirt, accreditation and meal voucher. For future shifts, you will still need to check in at the beginning of your shift and receive a new meal voucher each day. 
What to Wear/Volunteer Shirt and Accreditation.   Some duties may have volunteers on their feet for a period of time. To ensure full comfort, it is highly suggested that volunteers wear comfortable shoes and clothing they can walk and stand in for periods of time.
All volunteers will receive an official National Championships Volunteer T-Shirt an accreditation badge upon arrival at your first shift. Please wear this shirt and badge at all times during your volunteer shift. You are welcome to use the accreditation to attend other games outside of your shifts during the week, however only scheduled volunteers are entitled to have access to restricted areas such as the game floor, volunteer room and team room areas.  We have an exact amount of shirts and badges, so please take care of your items during the week.
Meals.  Volunteers working a 5+ hour shift on a given day will be provided a free food voucher that can be claimed at a designated location on campus.. You can redeem your voucher at the end of your shift or at a break in your volunteer duties. There is no cash value for any unused vouchers and are for volunteer use only.  Additional food can be purchased from the concession at anytime.  
Breaks.  Most volunteers are paired up with other volunteers in the same area doing similar duties.  If you need to use the washrooms or get a drink, please tell the volunteer you are working with that you will return shortly.  There are water fountains throughout the facility (see venue maps) and bottles of water will be in the Volunteer Check-In space.   
Lost and Found.  Any lost or found items can be delivered or picked up at the main floor facility desk at the Duckworth Centre.  This includes if you have lost any items or find any items during your shift.
Duckworth Centre/True North RecPlex Amenities
  • The University of Winnipeg’s Duckworth Centre and True North Court in the Recplex has the following amenities on hand for your needs...
    • Medical support available courtside in both Duckworth and RecPlex
    • Bank machine in the main campus across the street from the Duckworth Centre at the base of the escalators.  
    • Washrooms are on the 2nd floor near the main spectator entrance and 2nd floor of the RecPlex beside the community gym.  
    • Lost and Found service (main floor Duckworth Centre facility desk)
    • Public pay phones on the 2nd floor of the Duckworth Centre beside the admission gate.
    • Full food concessions (see ‘Meals’ above for your volunteer shifts)
    • National Championships event merchandise for sale (2nd floor Duckworth Centre)
Photography, Video and Game Results.  An official event photography company (J.J. Ali Photography) will be on site taking the event photos and another volunteer will be circulating among the volunteers taking candid shots at the event.  Some or all of these photos will be made available to the public for free or purchase on the photography company's website and the Basketball Manitoba website and Facebook page.  All national championship games will be webcast online both by video and live stats at  Game results, video clips and photos will be shared on our social media sites (links on our website).
Friendly Manitoba!  We want to live up to our national reputation as Canada’s friendliest place! A majority of those in attendance at the games including almost all the players and coaches are coming a great distance from other parts of Canada.  We want their time in our great city to be as memorable as possible! Please go out of your way with your duties to help our guests have a great time at the championship!

Thank you again for all your time and commitment during the week!  We couldn't have done it without you!



STEP 1 of 3: 

Confirm the committee you have been assigned to at...
VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS (names are listed alphabetically by first name)
The following are the master volunteer schedules that have been prepared based on your availability and preferences.

STEP 2 of 3:

Find your committee below and click on the 'VIEW YOUR SCHEDULE' link to see your assignment.  
*** VERY IMPORTANT - To accept your assignment(s), please EMAIL Diana at Basketball Manitoba with the subject line 'ACCEPT' and then place your full name (or names if accepting other people's assignments) in the message body.  Nothing else needs to be said UNLESS you need to make a change to your availability, then please detail that in the message.
Email your confirmation by Wednesday July 27, 2016, 4:30 pm to:



Please open all schedules below as if you have been placed in the 'Security' committee, you may be assigned in any of the below 3 areas.  




STEP 3 of 3: 
Return to this page and...
*** VERY IMPORTANT - To accept your assignment(s), please EMAIL Diana at Basketball Manitoba with the subject line 'ACCEPT' and then place your full name (or names if accepting other people's assignments) in the message body.  Nothing else needs to be said UNLESS you need to make a change to your availability, then please detail that in the message.
Email your confirmation by Wednesday July 27, 2016, 4:30 pm to:

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